Where To Get Succulent Fish Meat Rdr2

The Red Dead Online map has many locations where you can get Salmon and Trout, however the sea or ocean is not one of them. It would be preferable if you frequented the Dakota and Kamassa Rivers instead.

Kamassa River

To the west of the Van Horn Trading Post is where you may find the Kamassa River. You can try your luck by ambling along the banks. The Kamassa is a long, twisting river, though, so focusing your search on a few fishing hot areas will help you save a lot of time.

  • A more concentrated pool of salmon can be found along the bank just north of Caliga Hall and west of Saint Denis, starting with the fishing hole that is the furthest south.
  • A sweet place for trout can be found along the bottom banks of the deep U-shaped bend in the riverbed, a short distance upriver and to the north of the Bluewater Marsh.
  • Another fishing area that is teeming with salmon lies on the higher banks of the same bend.
  • The northeastern section of the map is home to the last productive fishing spot. The northernmost section of the Kamassa River in the Roanoke Ridge area, which is just on the map’s edge, is frequently swarming with trout.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a couple maps with the best fishing spots colored-coded in orange for salmon pools and white for trout.

Dakota River

The Dakota River experiences the same situation. A significant river curve can be found north of Flatneck Station; following it will lead you to a number of top-notch fishing locations. To find the specific species of fish you’re looking for, you might need to continue following the river, but if you’re vigilant, you’ll soon find some salmon and trout. Here are some suggestions for areas along the banks that you should pay close attention to.

  • A school of trout usually hangs out along the bank just west of the Burned Town and northwest of Flatneck Station, starting at the southernmost fishing pool once more.
  • A school of salmon live on the other side of the river bend as you travel north.
  • The Little Creek River meets the Dakota River farther upriver, where there is another excellent salmon fishing spot.
  • As you travel up the following section of the river, you can catch Salmon and a variety of other fish all along the bank, but you won’t reach the next densely packed Salmon pool until you get close to the bridge immediately before Cumberland Falls.

As previously stated, it’s not harmful to stock up on the other species that are present in these rivers, but if your main objective is to obtain the succulent fish meat, you should stick to these areas and limit your fishing to salmon and trout. Good luck, fisherman.

Who offers you such delicious fish?

Whether you play as an outlaw or a law-abiding wanderer in Red Dead Online, running on an empty stomach won’t get you very far. Thankfully, the game allows you to unleash your inner chef by frequently giving you instructions on how to cook specific dishes using ingredients like succulent fish meat.

Only Sockeye Salmon and Steelhead Trout produce Succulent Fish Meat. Please refer to the supplementary guide we’ve written on some areas where you can find the former. You just need to find one kind of fish if you want to finish the daily mission.

You’ll want to stay in the waters in the southern part of Red Dead Online’s expansive area if you’re after steelhead trout. The stretch of the Dakota River between the long-gone community of Limpany and Bard’s crossing in New Hanover is one particularly excellent site.

It is also recognized as inhabiting the waterways in Lemoyne’s southern region, as well as the San Luis River in New Austin to the southwest. Another excellent location is along the Lower Montana River, particularly in the vicinity of Stillwater Creek. It’s a good idea to get some Special River Lure before you go fishing because it boosts your chances of really catching both the Sockeye Salmon and the Steelhead Trout.

You must then proceed to a campfire with Succulent Fish Meat in your backpack. You can easily locate them while wandering about or in camps close to important towns like Valentine. Just be aware that not everyone enjoys company, and certain campers may be occupied.

Simply select the Craft/Cook option once you’ve located a campfire, locate the Plain Succulent Fish, then, if you have some herbs on you, season it for an additional boost to one of your stats. Thyme increases Dead Eye, oregano increases Stamina, and wild mint raises Health.

You should now be aware of where Succulent Fish Meat may be found in Red Dead Online. Visit our guides on the locations of Indian Tobacco and Creeping Thyme for extra assistance.

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Which lure works best for sockeye salmon?

A frequent technique for catching fish is drift fishing, which involves casting a line upstream, letting it float through a run or pool, and then reeling it in to repeat the procedure. From a boat that is anchored or the land, you can drift fish. Generally speaking, the goal is to weight your setup such that it bounces along the bottom, contacting every few feet, at a speed that is close to that of the current. Your bait will flow downstream more slowly with more weight and more quickly with less weight. Working the entire run from the shore closest to you to the shore farthest away, as well as from the upstream end of the run (near the finish of the riffle) to the downstream end of the run (near the start of the next riffle), is the standard method (Figure 1). In congested situations, you might only need to elbow your way into a group of anglers and fish while standing still. Until you reach a 45-degree angle downstream, let your bait bounce along after you cast at a 30- to 45-degree angle upstream. Replay the previous action. To get a fish to take your offering in its mouth, you must bounce it along the bottom.

Anglers who are just starting out frequently struggle to distinguish between when a fish has taken their bait and when their gear has snagged on a rock. An angler gradually gains an understanding of the distinction and knows when to place the hook and when to gently guide the equipment off the rocks.

An 8 1/2- or 9-foot rod with a line weight rating of 15 to 30 pounds and either a spinning or baitcasting reel are standard components of drift fishing equipment. Use 20–25 pound line for larger fish, including Chinook salmon. Use 10-15 pound line for smaller fish, such as pink salmon. Anglers have access to a virtually limitless range of weights, lures, floats, and/or baits. A snap swivel at the end of the mainline, a leader from 12-48 to a single hook with an egg loop, a corky on the line above the hook, and yarn on the hook are typical salmon setups (Photo 1). For weight, insert a pencil lead or just the snap swivel through the parachute cord of a “slinky weight” to attach it to a piece of 3/4″ long rubber tubing (Photos 2 and 3). This rig can be enhanced with bait or scent. The most popular baits to add to this setup are sand shrimp and salmon roe, but many other types can be employed as well. You can fish with just bait or use a winged bobber (Photo 4) or other drift bobbers in place of a corky and yarn rig. You can drift with spoons or spinners, bouncing them along the bottom and slowly retrieving them after removing the weight and corky arrangement.

How do I get fish meat in RDR2 that is gritty?

Gritty Fish is made with bluegill, bullhead catfish, channel catfish, and longnose gar, the other two unseasonable meats. In stagnant lakes or swampy waters like Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh, these fish are typically found. While channel catfish and longnose gar favor swamp lures, bluegill and bullhead catfish respond to food baits.

Herptile Meat

Herptile Meat is the final unseasonable type of meat in RDR2. Herptile meat-producing creatures like bullfrogs, Gila monsters, iguanas, toads, and turtles are typically located close to bodies of water. Turtles can also be observed at Flat Iron Lake and Stillwater Creek, but Bayou Nwa is a fantastic place to look for bullfrogs. Iguanas reside in both Guarma and New Austin, and Gila monsters are frequently spotted there at night. Fortunately, toads can be located in Red Dead Redemption 2 beside almost any source of water in any location.

Game Meat

Hunting for duck, pheasant, and rabbit yields game meat, the majority of which are common in most regions of the map. Ducks prefer to be close to freshwater sources of water, while rabbits can be found practically anywhere. On the other hand, pheasants are restricted to the Heartlands of New Hanover.

Big Game

Alligator, bear, cougar, panther, and wolf meat are among the big game species that are collected. Alligators and bears can both be found in Bayou Nwa and various woodlands, respectively. Wolves are frequently spotted in forested areas like the Grizzlies and Roanoke Ridge, just like bears are. The majority of cougars live in New Austin, while few have been spotted in Roanoke Ridge’s northern regions. Panthers are the most elusive since they are virtually only found in Bayou Nwa.

Where can I purchase RDO salmon?

Red Dead Online makes it difficult to make money, and the high cost of the top in-game things can make it quite tedious. Fortunately, there is a practical approach to catch some quick cash by salmon fishing. Here is all the information you require on fish in Red Dead Online.

How to Catch

Salmon can be caught in Red Dead Online just like other fish, but they do fight your rod a little harder, so it’s better to try it after you’ve had some practice. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you have to sever your line, which would cost you money.

The best advice we can give is to get a river lure, which will save you time by ensuring that you capture the right fish and not worms or other slippery fish.

Where to Find

Red Dead Online’s map is filled with salmon, but our personal favorite location is the river that flows into the Owanjila basin, which is located just to the northwest of Strawberry.

Although you can fish in the lake itself, you’re more likely to catch other fish kinds by mistake. Make sure you’re fishing in the river itself for the best results.

The Method

With just ten minutes of fishing, the following strategy should bring in more than $40:

  • once you’ve reached level 14, get a fishing rod.
  • Purchase a river lure, which will set you back one gold bar if your rank is lower than 30, and a few bucks if it is higher. You won’t have to worry about paying for worms or catching the wrong fish when using a river lure.
  • Take ten of them.
  • Fish can be sold at Strawberry.

That covers all there is to know about Red Dead Online’s top salmon sites, how to catch them, and where to look for them. See our wiki page for further guides and handy information.

It’s important to keep in mind that occasionally the fish may swim up to the coast where you can simply collect them, giving you the opportunity to potentially make some extra money if you pay attention. You might want to switch servers and try again if you don’t see them spawning.