Where To Buy Wholesale Succulents

If you don’t buy succulents from the appropriate source, you may experience issues. Because succulents can be pricey, you don’t want to purchase a plant that is injured or infected. Success with succulents depends on knowing where to acquire them. After purchasing a starting set, you can learn how to re-grow your succulents so that you will always have an abundance of your own.


Unbelievably, Ikea has an excellent range of reasonably priced succulents. They have sold me many succulents that had young succulents sprouting from the sides. BONUS! The plants have been strong and their pricing are excellent. One more good reason to love Ikea! Additionally, while you are there, look at their pots as well. They provide some extremely adorable and inexpensive solutions.


What can’t you purchase on Amazon? It turns out that you can purchase some really awesome succulents on Amazon! You may have a vast selection of succulents delivered to your door for less than $2 per plant plus prime shipping. If you’re just getting started and unsure of which variety you want to work with, this is ideal!

The Succulent Source

I’ve only heard great things about the Succulent Source. The succulent selection at this family-owned business is incredible. Every conceivable size and shape. Even the youngsters help the succulents grow! I adore it. Go now and look them up.

Be sure to adhere to the care recommendations after you have your succulents. If you start having any troubles check out these common causes why your succulents are dying. Also, if you manage to get your hands on one of those fantastic succulent species, check out this too-cute for words concept for an indoor succulent garden!

Is it possible to profit by selling succulents?

Selling finished succulent bouquets is a fantastic way to monetize your passion for succulent gardening! You can discover how to start by reading this article.

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Although there are many methods to make money online, if you have the succulent bug, you might have a special chance.

Every day, hundreds of individuals shop for succulents online, and many of them would rather purchase an attractive arrangement than individual plants.

Selling your magnificent plants could be a terrific way to increase your income and have some fun if you’re starting to run out of space for all of them in your garden.

How do I launch a succulent company?

Online sales of succulents are on the rise, and so are the number of websites that offer these appealing plants for sale. Not to mention, many of them sell succulent plants online and make more than respectable profits. You must understand the ins and outs of the online succulent company if you’re thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and taking a piece of the market.

Create an online store on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Harddy, etc. to sell succulents online. Additionally, you may build your own website and market your succulents online. Find and cultivate the appropriate variety of succulents for your area, and ship them safely, preferably bare-root and without pots.

Learn everything there is to know about selling succulents online by reading on. This manual is essential reading if you’ve been cultivating and selling succulents locally for some time and are thinking about expanding online.

How much are the succulents at Trader Joe’s?

I almost bought the entire Trader Joe’s store today because they have the loveliest small succulents in little ceramic vases for only $2.99! Ha!

The BEST assortment of plants can usually be found at Trader Joe’s, and they virtually ALWAYS have the incredibly popular succulent, which is why I adore them!

The succulent is really the ONLY indoor plant you will ever need, in my opinion. especially if, like me, you have a tendency to destroy every plant. LOL!!

They require very little maintenance. They don’t require a lot of water, so even if you forget to water them for a day or two, they will still grow. In my opinion, that can only be beneficial!

They are also very possibly the cutest little plants ever, to put it mildly. Every type of succulent is so diverse, and they all have such distinct personalities. There are heart-shaped succulents as well as striped and artichoke-shaped varieties, as well as those with thick, flat leaves. Gah!

However, these tiny succulents from Trader Joe’s are AMAZING! They are adorable, but their $2.99 price has me smitten as well.

First of all, if you have never been to a Trader Joe’s, we need to change that because it is the most AMAZING store.

Usually, the plants are near the entrance. You can’t miss them because they are either immediately outside, on a set of shelves, or inside the entrance.

You must try their Watermelon Fruit Spread when you are there. OMG. I enjoy this material. Although it may sound odd, it is like summer in a jar.

Why do succulents cost so much?

A succulent’s scarcity, maintenance expenses, therapeutic benefits, and aesthetic value are some of the elements that might make it pricey.

Rarity of Succulent

A very rare succulent will cost a lot of money to buy. There is limited rivalry among vendors because there are few stores in the USA that sell succulents. A succulent can be sold for a greater price and still make money if it is in short supply.

High maintenance cost

Succulents can occasionally take a very long time to grow. The more money and energy spent on a plant, the longer it takes for it to flourish. The plant may also require further feeding and pruning. The price of the succulent may increase as a result of these reasons.

Aesthetic Value of The Succulent

A succulent could cost more if it has a wonderful appearance that can improve the aesthetic of a space. These hardy plants are excellent for use as décor because they can be eye-catching and lovely. A succulent may fetch a greater price in the market if it is in demand because of its aesthetic value due to increased demand.

Medicinal importance

Succulent varieties with medical potential include salo, yucca, and aloe vera. Yucca has particular phytonutrients that can be helpful in alleviating arthritic pain and inflammation. Additionally, digestive system inflammation can be treated with aloe vera.

Because plants help speed up the healing of wounds and treat eczema, succulents are frequently found in hospitals. Succulents have been used to treat a number of medical conditions, including coughing.

Succulents: Are they in demand?

When I went to California in 2010, that’s when I first noticed succulents. It all started with a single plant that I got on bargain from a nearby Home Depot. At the time, I had no idea what kind of plant I was buying, but when it didn’t die but instead started to thrive, I was hooked. This was the beginning of my eight-year journey—and mild obsession—with these plants.

Perhaps it stems from the sense one has when these plants start to flourish. You are immediately given a sense of competence, and you begin to question whether you really are a plant killer after all. You feel like a winner when you notice blossoms, offshoots, or new baby plants developing from your plants because that emotion is returned by them. For many people, like me, this is our first exposure to these plants.

Succulents have unquestionably been a highly popular plant, and their appeal only appears to increase year after year, regardless of how a person first became interested in them. Succulent-related searches have grown steadily over the past ten years in many parts of the world, according to Google searches. Here is an excerpt from Google Trends:

Market Research

Most often, beginning business owners must first choose the type of nursery they wish to open. Retail nurseries typically cater to small business owners like backyard gardeners. Wholesale nurseries serve big businesses like distributors, retailers, and landscapers. Additional specialization, such as in ornamental, native, and tree plants, is necessary for plant nurseries.

Regarding the plant industry, this sector now comprises both organic and non-organic farming, therefore it is no longer solely dependent on non-organic farming. Organic goods are expensive, yet demand for them is still rising rapidly. According to the prediction study that follows, between 2020 and 2021, the US plant and flower market grew by 1.8 percent over the previous year.

Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan can help entrepreneurs stay focused on every aspect of their venture. Before launching a plant business, every company should go through a number of steps, including

  • acquire insurance
  • Get money
  • Obtain the required licenses and permits.
  • Choose appropriate locations
  • Look for sources of material

Is selling plants a good business idea?

Selling plants is an excellent business idea for 2021 even if it involves more specialist expertise (plant care) and has certain space and shipping requirements. Plant-related trends continued during the epidemic and don’t appear to be slowing down.

What are the best plants to sell online?

Many different plant kinds can be sold online if they are packed and shipped with the proper care. Try succulents if you’re just starting off selling plants. Most types don’t need much water to survive the journey, and many are resilient and small, making them simple to transport. Succulents come in a wide variety, are common houseplants (making them simple to find), and require little maintenance for the most part.

Is it legal to sell plants online?

Yes, in the majority of locations, selling plants online is legal. Nevertheless, legislation governing the import and export of soils and organic matter differ from nation to nation. Look research the laws in your area of business and in every region where you intend to expand.

Do I need a license to sell plants online?

Depending on the nation or even the state, you might need to apply for a company license or a specialized licence before you can sell plants. In California, for instance, selling “nursery stock” and selling seeds both require different licences.

What plants can be sold from home?

You may very much sell any plant from home if you have a home that is suited for caring for a sizable collection of plants. Take into account each plant type’s sensitivity (i.e., will it survive shipment), space, water, and sunlight requirements.

How are succulents raised?

We are not exaggerating when we state that succulents are simple to maintain. Better Homes & Gardens actually states that “Succulents thrive on a touch of neglect. Additionally, you can grow succulents from cuttings in five simple stages, unlike many other houseplants.

Step 1: Remove Succulent Leaf

Take a fallen leaf from an existing succulent plant or delicately remove a leaf. Avoid taking too many leaves from the top of the plant; a small amount of stem coming off with the leaf is preferable. Make sure the leaf is tidy, dried, and placed aside.

Step 2: Add Drainage

To give your new plant plenty of drainage (succulents love drainage! ), add a single layer of gravel or rocks to the bottom of the container of your choice (upcycling an Eminence Organic Skin Care jar is a terrific alternative!).

Step 5: Lightly Water

Water the ground just outside the leaf bud lightly. Before you rewater the soil, let it totally dry out. Don’t water your plant excessively. In a few weeks, your succulent should begin to grow!

Are the succulents at Trader Joe’s real?

The exact varieties you’ll find on your visit to Trader Joe’s are impossible to forecast because availability relies on our growers’ harvest. At Trader Joe’s, we offer trendy succulents in a broad variety of genus and species nestled in chic clay pots.

What varieties of succulents sells Trader Joe’s?

Thank goodness, Trader Joe’s sells tough, reasonably priced plants. I recently discovered that small potted Kalanchoe succulents are now available on the shelves of the cult-favorite grocery store at the astounding bargain of $1.99 per plant.