Where To Buy Fake Succulents

Visit your neighborhood Dollar General to see if you can discover these adorable faux succulent potted plants, which are only $2 both in-person and online. Remember that there may be significant differences in product availability between stores.

What exactly is a fake succulent?

Although fake succulents are a popular new aesthetic choice, some people are baffled as to why actual succulents are insufficient. Although they are very resilient plants with little maintenance requirements, they can also be delicate and fickle. These issues are not present with faux succulents, often known as imitation or fake succulents.

Succulents are typically a wonderful option for people looking for inexpensive, low-maintenance indoor plants. In order to survive and thrive in heated, dry, enclosed environments, they conserve their water. The disadvantage of this advantage is that people frequently underestimate how much water plants truly need and that they are extremely sensitive to overwatering.

An overwatered succulent may become mushy and moldy. Leaves may become limp, yellowed, soft, mushy, or shriveled. This lessens any environmental advantages that come from keeping live plants and can be difficult to fix. It also takes away from their natural attractiveness.

Another difficulty is that many of the same problems mentioned above can also be brought on by inadequate water. A succulent that has withered or turned yellow often makes it difficult to determine whether it was overwatered or not. Furthermore, a deficiency in soil nutrients can produce the same outcomes. A succulent has to be replanted every year or two to be happy and healthy.

Sunlight is essential for the growth of succulents, but it can also be their deadliest adversary. A succulent may die or grow slowly if it doesn’t receive adequate exposure to natural light. When they require more sunlight, certain succulents respond by stretching in the direction of the sun, which might cause confusion. Although it may appear that they are expanding well, the plant is actually deteriorating.

Now for the potential next problem.

excessive sunshine Succulents require just the correct amount of light exposure to grow strong and mature, similar to how water does. Their leaves are susceptible to developing unattractive brown burnt areas that signify an unhealthy plant. In addition, if the succulent is overheated, leaves may fall off. Is it a shock that excessive watering can also make the leaves drop off?

The biggest challenge with succulents is figuring out what’s wrong with them and treating it. The fact that they are notoriously sensitive to any changes in their environment and may respond negatively to being moved or repotted only serves to exacerbate this. Succulents are sensitive to shock, therefore gardeners must make modifications gradually to prevent the plant from declining as a result.

Another benefit of faux succulents that many designers and enthusiasts value is their uniform coloration. There are many exquisitely colored succulents in a variety of sizes and shapes, but there is no assurance that your plant will develop into the precise shade or pattern you desire. You may customize every single aspect of a faux succulent arrangement, resulting in a perfect design that looks appealing and “healthy” all year long.

Naturally, there is no need to water artificial plants, therefore there is no chance of overwatering or underwatering. Even if you leave your imitation succulents alone for months at a time, they won’t drown or experience a drought. Additionally, unlike naturally occurring succulents, they won’t turn yellow, change shape, or get burnt patches.

Check out our gallery of replica succulent photographs below if artificial succulents are of interest to you. We’ve also included pictures of several plants, including hostas and ferns, that are frequently combined with succulents. You can get ideas from these images for your own garden, green wall, or tabletop decoration.

Step 1: Insert foam, and fill in empty spaces with moss.

You’ll see that I didn’t use all of the desert foam in the container. Instead, I filled in the gaps with moss and angled the stems of my succulent plants into the foam.

This green Spanish moss was picked because it doesn’t compete with the vibrant artificial succulents.

Step 3: Insert faux succulent stems into foam bricks.

I used wire cutters to trim the stems of the succulents so that they were flush with the foam foundation. Try alternating hues (reds, greens, and blues) and styles for greater aesthetic appeal (cascading versus upright).

Based on the succulents and planter you select, the finished item will resemble this…

Here is how the succulent arrangement currently appears in my living room:

Do succulents require sunlight?

Depending on the type, succulents need six hours of sunlight each day because they are light-loving plants. You might need to gradually expose newly planted succulents to full sun exposure or give shade with a translucent screen because they can burn in direct sunshine.

Are seeds from Dollar Tree any good?

Even though the dollar store has many wonderful treasures, there are several things you should should avoid buying, especially if you’re a more dedicated gardener. Here are the five things I wouldn’t purchase.

Tomato Growing Kits

There’s a chance that some of these kits will work just well for the plants they contain, but that tomato will never fit in that pot. Go ahead and get the seed starter package if you want to. Just be aware that it can eventually require repotting.

Gardening Gloves

You put that in the must-buy area, right? Yes. The dollar store gloves are probably not of high enough quality to last you even a season if you do a lot of gardening and need something durable.


The size of pots you can purchase there will be quite challenging to maintain due to the nature of the dollar store. If you don’t water your plants several times a day, they’ll dry out faster and you’ll get quite frustrated.


Soil is typically not available at dollar stores. However, if you do, it will be so tiny that, for the majority of gardeners, it won’t matter because you’ll need far more soil than the size that is provided. other dirt, please.

Would you like to add anything to this list? Comment below and let me know! For additional advice on gardening in cold climates and short growing seasons, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Do fake succulents exist at the Dollar Store?

Since the stores are loaded with the cutest $1 potted faux succulents, Dollar Tree must be, too. Even bamboo and cactus are present!

What is used to fill pots for fake succulent plants?

A starter container is included with certain fake plants. These create a strong foundation that is both appealing and stable, but in the long run, you might desire something more “you.”

It is frequently necessary to use a planter larger than a starter pot to hold artificial plants in pots. To keep the plant in the container, use sand, ornamental stones, slate, bark, or similar materials. The appropriate size for a pot for an artificial plant up to 4 feet tall is generally agreed to be up to 8 in diameter.

Can you put fake plants outside?

Absolutely, you can utilize artificial trees and plants outside. But not all man-made trees and plants are appropriate for outdoor use. Some forms of foliage can resist extreme weather conditions since they are made from materials like silk, plastic, and polyblends. Only those with the designation “suited for outdoor usage” may, as was previously stated. These trees and plants use fading-resistant technology to keep their color in outdoor settings. Artificial outdoor foliage can be used outdoors without fear of color fading from the abrasive sun, wind, water, and snow.