Where To Buy Artificial Succulents In Bulk

If you don’t buy succulents from the appropriate source, you may experience issues. Because succulents can be pricey, you don’t want to purchase a plant that is injured or infected. Success with succulents depends on knowing where to acquire them. After purchasing a starting set, you can learn how to re-grow your succulents so that you will always have an abundance of your own.


Unbelievably, Ikea has an excellent range of reasonably priced succulents. They have sold me many succulents that had young succulents sprouting from the sides. BONUS! The plants have been strong and their pricing are excellent. One more good reason to love Ikea! Additionally, while you are there, look at their pots as well. They provide some extremely adorable and inexpensive solutions.


What can’t you purchase on Amazon? It turns out that you can purchase some really awesome succulents on Amazon! You may have a vast selection of succulents delivered to your door for less than $2 per plant plus prime shipping. If you’re just getting started and unsure of which variety you want to work with, this is ideal!

The Succulent Source

I’ve only heard great things about the Succulent Source. The succulent selection at this family-owned business is incredible. Every conceivable size and shape. Even the youngsters help the succulents grow! I adore it. Go now and look them up.

Be sure to adhere to the care recommendations after you have your succulents. Check out these typical explanations for why your succulents are dying if you start to experience any problems. Also, if you manage to get your hands on one of those fantastic succulent species, check out this too-cute for words concept for an indoor succulent garden!

Step 1: Insert foam, and fill in empty spaces with moss.

You’ll see that I didn’t use all of the desert foam in the container. Instead, I filled in the gaps with moss and angled the stems of my succulent plants into the foam.

This green Spanish moss was picked because it doesn’t compete with the vibrant artificial succulents.

Step 3: Insert faux succulent stems into foam bricks.

I used wire cutters to trim the stems of the succulents so that they were flush with the foam foundation. Try alternating hues (reds, greens, and blues) and styles for greater aesthetic appeal (cascading versus upright).

Based on the succulents and planter you select, the finished item will resemble this…

Here is how the succulent arrangement currently appears in my living room:

Are synthetic succulents beneficial?

We choose these products on our own.

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Fake plants have their time and place. Your flat is that place and that time right now. We are quite pleased of you if you have a green thumb and are able to care for plants so they flourish. But for those with bad gardening skills, there is nothing wrong with adding a few convincing imitation succulents to spice up your environment.

In all honesty, the most unexpected thing I discovered when battling to make my black thumb green is this: Everyone advises you to begin with a succulent, but they require a lot of maintenance. It must be some kind of Big Cactus hoax. Following this bad advice, the kind folks of Instagram post pictures of their succulents next to their message boards, encouraging others to buy a cute little burro’s tail or aloe plant on their next nursery visit. Outside of the app, though, all of these well-intentioned but busy people will eventually abandon their needy little succulents, leaving a wake of withered leaves and parched dirt that will make everyone question if plants have feelings.

I therefore believe it is my botanical duty to share the word that succulents are difficult and that killing one (or a hundred) of them does not constitute a failure. Simply stop purchasing more. Live ones, that is.

Choose something fake if you still have the want to bring one home. Succulent artificial plants come in a lot of different varieties. Since the actual ones already appear false and plasticky, it is simple to cover your guests’ eyes with greenery and convince them that the fake ones are real at first glance.

But there are some fake succulents that are superior to others. In order to identify the genuine queen of the faux-jungalow, we set out to get a close-up look at the most well-liked, top-rated artificial succulents from your favorite home stores.

How do I launch a tiny succulent company?

Online sales of succulents are on the rise, and so are the number of websites that offer these appealing plants for sale. Not to mention, many of them sell succulent plants online and make more than respectable profits. You must understand the ins and outs of the online succulent company if you’re thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and taking a piece of the market.

Create an online store on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Harddy, etc. to sell succulents online. Additionally, you may build your own website and market your succulents online. Find and cultivate the appropriate variety of succulents for your area, and ship them safely, preferably bare-root and without pots.

Learn everything there is to know about selling succulents online by reading on. This manual is essential reading if you’ve been cultivating and selling succulents locally for some time and are thinking about expanding online.

Why do succulents cost so much?

A succulent’s scarcity, maintenance expenses, therapeutic benefits, and aesthetic value are some of the elements that might make it pricey.

Rarity of Succulent

A very rare succulent will cost a lot of money to buy. There is limited rivalry among vendors because there are few stores in the USA that sell succulents. A succulent can be sold for a greater price and still make money if it is in short supply.

High maintenance cost

Succulents can occasionally take a very long time to grow. The more money and energy spent on a plant, the longer it takes for it to flourish. The plant may also require further feeding and pruning. The price of the succulent may increase as a result of these reasons.

Aesthetic Value of The Succulent

A succulent could cost more if it has a wonderful appearance that can improve the aesthetic of a space. These hardy plants are excellent for use as d├ęcor because they can be eye-catching and lovely. A succulent may fetch a greater price in the market if it is in demand because of its aesthetic value due to increased demand.

Medicinal importance

Succulent varieties with medical potential include salo, yucca, and aloe vera. Yucca has particular phytonutrients that can be helpful in alleviating arthritic pain and inflammation. Additionally, digestive system inflammation can be treated with aloe vera.

Because plants help speed up the healing of wounds and treat eczema, succulents are frequently found in hospitals. Succulents have been used to treat a number of medical conditions, including coughing.

Do fake succulents exist at the Dollar Store?

Since the stores are loaded with the cutest $1 potted faux succulents, Dollar Tree must be, too. Even bamboo and cactus are present!

How are artificial succulents decorated?

Artificial succulents have the advantage of not requiring sunshine, so you can almost put them wherever in your house.

Consider placing your faux succulents in the following locations:

  • coffee desks
  • Bookshelves.
  • bathroom vanities
  • as table centerpieces for your kitchen.
  • your nightstands, please.

Who has the most lifelike fake vegetation?

Online stores with the best fake greenery: 13 places to buy fake plants

  • Amazon.
  • Target.
  • Afloral.
  • Hobbies R Us.
  • Almost Natural
  • Housing Depot
  • Wayfair.
  • Fabric and craft retailer Joann

How long do artificial plants last outside?

Care is necessary for fake plants to live a long time. If plants are dusted once a month, they can live longer both indoors and outdoors. We advise reading the product’s title carefully. If it contains the words “outdoor/indoor” or “UV resistant,” we advise using the item outside. The lifespan of your goods will be significantly shortened if indoor-only items are placed outside.

We are unable to predict how long these things will endure because it is dependent on a variety of factors. Our goods are typically built to survive for years, but it depends on maintenance. An outdoor tree, for instance, won’t survive a blizzard as long as one beneath a covered patio.

Why are fake plants so expensive?

The type of material chosen to create an artificial plant has a significant impact on how much it would cost to purchase one. For instance, foam-made imitation flowers would be less expensive than silk-made ones. A fake flower will also cost more money the more realistically it looks. This is so that the manufacturers of such lifelike fake flowers might create them with greater skill and talent in addition to using high-quality materials. The lifespan of synthetic flowers is another aspect that drives up their cost. Artificial flowers are incredibly expensive and typically survive longer than actual flowers. Real flowers do, however, typically cost more in the long run than fake ones, especially when other upkeep factors are taken into account.

Can you put fake plants outside?

Absolutely, you can utilize artificial trees and plants outside. But not all man-made trees and plants are appropriate for outdoor use. Some forms of foliage can resist extreme weather conditions since they are made from materials like silk, plastic, and polyblends. Only those with the designation “suited for outdoor usage” may, as was previously stated. These trees and plants use fading-resistant technology to keep their color in outdoor settings. Artificial outdoor foliage can be used outdoors without fear of color fading from the abrasive sun, wind, water, and snow.