Where Is The Cactus League Played

The Phoenix metro region is home to all of the Cactus League teams (as of 2014 when the Diamondbacks and Rockies left Tucson for their new shared facility, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick).

What percentage of Cactus League stadiums are there?

The Cactus League’s Spring Training is held in Arizona, where fifteen professional Major League Baseball teams are based in ten stadiums in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

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In which city does baseball’s Cactus League’s Spring Training take place?

In Mesa, the arrival of spring is signaled by the arrival of the lads of summer. Two major league baseball clubs conduct their spring training in Mesa: the Oakland A’s, who recently made a comeback to our city and have already established roots there, and the Chicago Cubs, who have been a fixture there since the early 1950s.

Arizona’s Cactus League Spring Training is centered in Mesa. In just 30 days, there will be more than 200 Major League Baseball games, giving you plenty of opportunities to watch America’s sport in action.

Arizona is the ideal location for Spring Training, with its clear, blue skies and pleasant temps in the mid-70s to mid-80s. You’ll enjoy the sunlight, Cracker Jacks, and tense baseball games as the rest of the nation waits for the groundhog to tell them when the snow will melt!

Every year, thousands of fans go to Arizona for spring training. Baseball fans from all around the state travel to the Grand Canyon state to watch their preferred teams play. This previous spring training baseball season, Cactus League games drew more than 1.9 million spectators.

How many clubs compete in the Cactus League?

The alphabetical list of the 15 Cactus League teams that practice in Arizona prior to the regular season follows.

In which Arizonan city is Spring Training held?

Cactus League Spring Training in Scottsdale has resumed following the end of the lockout, although only for a short while. Starting on March 17, 2022, choose from up to eight MLB games being played daily at 12 venues in the Scottsdale area. These games will feature the San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Stadium in Old Town and the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. And 12 other teams, including the Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres, and Texas Rangers, will be squaring off at stadiums throughout the Valley of the Sun within a 30-minute drive of Scottsdale.

Plan now to attend Scottsdale Spring Training to support your favorite teams.

The new date for the start of the regular season is April 7, 2022!

Major League Baseball in ArizonaThe Cactus League

Since 1908, the springtime climate in Arizona has been ideal for Major League Baseball’s (MLB) spring training program. The Cactus League, the region’s spring training season, currently has a regional economic effect of more than $300 million. There are just two such “leagues” in the country. The Florida Grapefruit League is the other. Any baseball enthusiast must experience major league baseball in Arizona.

In Arizona, the Cactus League provides the ideal Major League Baseball viewing experience. Baseball fans can enjoy the National Pastime without visiting the cities where their favorite teams play or paying exorbitant prices for regular season tickets. Additionally, spectators enjoy the classic American sporting customs of the seventh-inning stretch, hotdogs, roasted peanuts, and rally hats. The region is home to fifteen MLB franchises. These teams are the Arizona Diamondbacks of Phoenix, the Chicago Cubs, the Colorado Rockies, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Texas Rangers, the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago White Sox, the Los Angeles Angels, and the Cincinnati Reds.


Phoenix’s Cactus League has benefited from $500 million in renovations and eight new stadiums. The teams’ venues are spread out over the Valley. At Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, HoHoKam Park, Camelback Ranch, Goodyear Park, Surprise Stadium, Tempe Diablo Stadium, Maryvale Baseball Park, Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Peoria Sports Complex, and Scottsdale Stadium, fans love watching their favorite teams compete.

The Chicago Cubs’ brand-new $99 million spring training facility in Mesa is the newest addition to Cactus League locations. The building, which Mesa voters recently authorized, would act as the baseball team’s western headquarters and the main hub for player development, drafting, and other operations. Arizona’s Major League Baseball is here to stay!

What distinguishes the Grapefruit league from the Cactus league?

Given that both leagues contain 15 teams, there is no clear winner in this division. Not to mention that you will probably want to see them if you support a particular team. An Angels fan would presumably choose the Cactus League, whereas a Yankees fan would generally lean toward the Grapefruit League.

However, based on how teams performed in 2012, fans who are simply seeking to enjoy some terrific baseball this year should head to the Cactus League.

The Yankees, Tigers, and Nationals compete in the Grapefruit League, while the Reds, Athletics, and World Series champion San Francisco Giants play in the Cactus League. Both leagues have three division winners.

The Red Sox, Astros, Marlins, and Twins are four of the six clubs from the Grapefruit League that placed dead last in their division. The Cactus League includes the other two clubs, but it also boasts more average teams, which typically means players with more talent.

At Scottsdale Stadium, who competes?

The stadium, which holds 12,000 people, was created by the owner of Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles. It was expanded to its present size in 1992. Since 1984, when the stadium’s capacity was only 4,721, it has served as the San Francisco Giants’ spring training facility.

Where is Arizona Dodgers spring training held?

The journey to MLB spring training 2022 was exciting, but it has now been reached.

The lockout has been ended, allowing the Cactus League to begin, albeit later than usual, according to an agreement between Major League Baseball and the players association.

Teams will play 17 to 22 games in Arizona during spring training this year instead of the customary 30 games between March 17 and April 5. The start date is April 7.

Here is everything baseball fans need to know about Camelback Ranch-spring Glendale’s training games.

Which Cactus League stadium is the best?

The spring home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, garnered the most votes in 2020, making it the top seed.

In Phoenix, where do MLB teams stay?

The visiting teams typically make reservations at the Ritz Carlton during the regular season, but I think that each team makes its own travel plans. Given that there are 10 different stadiums, I would think that they are dispersed throughout spring training.

Where is spring training for the Kansas City Royals?

The Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers’ Spring Training home is Surprise Stadium, which is situated in Surprise, Arizona, 25 miles northwest of Phoenix. The 10,500-seat Surprise Stadium is situated on a 124-acre plot with six complete practice fields, one half field, a separate clubhouse, and office buildings.

Ballpark Information

The field at Surprise Stadium is 400 feet to center field, 379 feet in the power alleys, and 350 feet down the lines.

There are several different places to sit at Surprise Stadium, from grassy outfield areas to club seats on the second level. There are neighboring parking lots, a choice of concessions, and the stadium is disability accessible.

Driving Directions

Airport Phoenix Sky Harbor:

  • I-10 West to Route 303 North; continue westward
  • Take the 303 North exit for Bell Road.
  • 3–4 miles along Bell Road to N Bullard Avenue, turn right.
  • The Surprise Stadium is located on the right after turning right onto N Bullard Ave.

On game days, turn right onto Bullard Avenue to get to Surprise Stadium, then follow the directions to park in one of the spots by the center field entrance.

Items not allowed into the stadium

For everyone’s protection, Major League Baseball has added the following security regulations for the Spring Training Season:

  • No ice chests of any size
  • No rucksacks
  • No bags bigger than 16x16x8 in size.
  • Before entering the ballpark, all baggage will be examined.
  • No glass, cans, or open containers are permitted.
  • No booze or firearms
  • For all home day games, gates will open 90 minutes in advance.
  • (Potentially changing)

Please plan to comply with these additional security steps and arrive early. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that the Kansas City Royals’ Spring Training was secure and enjoyable.