What Is Cacti Seltzer

Describe CACTI. Produced by Meadow Creek Beverage Co. and Anheuser-Busch, CACTI is a hard seltzer. This 7 percent ABV beverage is available in lime, strawberry, and pineapple flavors and is created entirely from premium blue agave from Mexico.

How much alcohol is in Cacti seltzer?

It shouldn’t be surprising that the flavor of Cacti Spiked Seltzer is evocative of a mild lime and Tequila since it is powered by agave and fermented cane sugar. The Tequila-like flavor is a little overbearing, and the lime flavor isn’t always discernible. The fruit’s more sour tones are favored by what little lime flavor there is. Agave, a slight note of lime, and a trace of spice make up the aftertaste. The alcohol by volume (ABV) of Cacti is higher than typical at 7%, and each can contains 150 calories, 3 grams of carbs, and 0.5 grams of sugar. There is no gluten in this flavored seltzer.

Does Cacti Seltzer contain tequila?

NEW YORKAs a founder with America’s top brewer, Anheuser-Busch, Diamond certified recording artist, songwriter, producer, fashion mogul, and all-around creative dynamo Travis Scott is poised to introduce his newest venture CACTITM Agave Spiked Seltzer nationally tomorrow. The future of the seltzer category is CACTITM Agave Spiked Seltzer, which was first introduced in December. The 100% premium blue agave from Mexico used to make the 7 percent ABV seltzer will come in three varieties at first: pineapple, strawberry, and lime.

Earlier this evening, Scott presented a new TV commercial during the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, introducing fans to the world of CACTITM for the first time. The commercial tells the magical history of how CACTITM first came to be, and it was created by Scott with his unmatched creative vision. From there, it follows the delivery of CACTITM Agave Spiked Seltzer to a nearby store for everyone (21+) to enjoy. Eric Andre, a comedian and actor, as well as Travis Scott himself, make cameo appearances in the commercial, which was directed by Trey Edward Shults. Fans may view the entire commercial right here.

It’s a weird time for me and the team to finally release CACTI into the world and into the hands of the fans, said Travis Scott. “I’ve had a clear vision for this and have wanted to do it for a time. Being intimately involved in every aspect of the creative process was crucial to me, from the flavor, obviously, to the can design, packaging, and the complete brand universe we’ve created. I wanted to develop a beverage brand that stood out from the competition. Our agave-infused seltzer is incredibly smooth and pleasant, and I’m quite proud of the company as a whole. Together, we started this project from scratch, and this is only the beginning.

Alongside the senior team at Anheuser-Busch, Scott and his Cactus Jack creative collective built the CACTITM brand from the bottom up. With the introduction of CACTITM, two renowned inventors have rethought not just what a conventional partnership may entail but also what the future of the seltzer category might hold.

This is a genuine cooperation, not a one-time or limited-edition project. Travis’ entry into the beverage market with CACTITM symbolizes a long-term goal for all stakeholders as they work to transform the beverage sector.

According to Michel Doukeris, CEO of Anheuser-Busch, “Travis’ creative vision combined with our industry-leading skills has unleashed something really remarkable. “Travis is a contender in today’s pop culture landscape who provides unmatched influence among adult consumers. We’re a corporation built on great ideas. Anheuser-Busch led the industry in innovations in 2020, and with the release of CACTI and our partnership with Travis Scott, we intend to maintain that trend into 2021 and beyond.

The rich fruit flavor and usage of 100% quality blue agave from Mexico in CACTITM Agave Spiked Seltzer, which is brewed in Los Angeles, set it apart from other products on the market right now. In addition to 16oz and 25oz singles sold in Lime and Pineapple, CACTITM is offered nationwide in 12oz cans packaged in a 9-count Variety Pack containing the flavors Lime, Pineapple, and Strawberry. Water, cold-fermented cane sugar, agave syrup, and a trace of lime juice are the ingredients used to make CACTITM. Tequila is not present in it.

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We are driven by our unshakable commitment to supporting the communities we call home, which informs everything we do, from responsible drinking campaigns and emergency water donations to industry-leading sustainability initiatives.

What flavor is Cacti seltzer?

Seltzer produced by Cacti has by far the most strawberry flavor of any on the market. If you like strawberry-flavored beverages like strawberry lemonade or strawberry soda, this may become your new go-to canned booze because the agave sweetening truly comes through in the strawberry flavor. It distinguishes itself from the other two flavors of Cacti and is unquestionably the most craveable without overpowering your mouth with sweetness.

Now realize that everything is relative. And nothing about the strawberry flavor of Cacti tastes anything like a Saturday afternoon spent picking strawberries at the nearby You-Pick. It clearly is artificial and smells chemically similar to every other fruit-flavored seltzer. They resemble the strawberry scratch-and-sniff stickers or the red Mr. Sketch marker a little bit more than the perfect spelling test prizes.

Cacti—is it a malt beverage?

Intoxicants and merchandise serve as the two main foundations of the Cactus Jack enterprise. It was therefore inevitable that a beverage would bear the Travis Scott name.

Cacti, a line of flavored seltzers created in collaboration with the world’s largest beverage company Anheuser-Busch, debuted earlier this month. In true Scott fashion, it was gone in a flash. Even the stocking merchandise is now available for sale again.

Cacti is a fermented malt beverage, first and foremost (FMB). There isn’t any tequila in Cacti, despite the fact that Travis’ love of the liquor may have served as inspiration. Like rival brands Truly and White Claw, the booze base is derived from sugar cane and yeast. The ingredient is used as a flavour and sweetener, not as a component of the alcohol itself, as indicated by the label’s reference to “100% quality blue agave.”

Three flavors of Cacti were available at launch: lime, strawberry, and pineapple. Each has 150 calories and 7% alcohol by volume in a 12oz can. I gathered two pals, a nine-can assortment pack, some water, and other supplies for this test.

Why did Cacti get canceled?

Following the tragedy at the festival that left 10 dead, Nike postponed the release of their most recent Air Max 1 x Cactus Jack sneaker partnership with Scott.

After last month’s horrific Astroworld festival accident, Travis Scott’s spiked seltzer Cacti was canceled.

A 9-year-old boy was among the 10 people murdered in a crowd surge in Houston tragedy that Anheuser-Busch announced would be discontinued on Friday.

Is cacti seltzer no longer available?

Anheuser-Busch announced on December 11, 2021, “We have decided to halt all production and brand development of Cacti Agave Spiked Seltzer,” while a source close to Scott indicated that the decision hadn’t been made permanently at the time.

What flavor do cacti have?

Do you enjoy cacti? I’m the same, too! Although the majority of cacti have spines, you can also consume them! Seriously, I still recall the first time I ate a cactus and how I fell in love with it right away. Although not all cacti species are edible, you must be careful when choosing which ones to consume.

Cactus has an extremely acidic flavor. The chewy, crunchy pads have a flavor reminiscent of green vegetables, particularly asparagus. Green peppers or beans may also taste similar to some cactus pads.

Cacti seltzers are they sweet?

Travis Scott’s agave-infused CACTI brand, which he had teased in interviews and music videos, eventually debuted on March 15 after months of anticipation.

CACTI, which is made in collaboration with Anheuser-Busch, debuted in three flavors: lime, pineapple, and strawberry. As far as hard seltzers go, the nutritional information reads a little more charged than market leaders like White Claw and Truly. The alcohol by volume (ABV) of each 12-ounce serving is 7 percent, and it has 150 calories and 3 grams of carbs.

With the exception of those digits, CACTI’s seltzers don’t veer too far from the tried-and-true recipe “arduous formula Scott’s love of tequila was highlighted in press releases from the company as the line’s inspiration, but CACTI gets its buzz from cold-fermented cane sugar, just like most hard seltzers.

Whenever the beverage is mentioned as being created with “It refers to the ingredient’s use as a flavoring and sweetener rather than an alcohol base. 100% premium blue agave from Mexico.


Although they lean far more toward strawberry cream sweet than freshly harvested fruit, the vivid strawberry smells of this release are unmistakable. Otherwise, there are a few flimsy citrus scents that emerge, but the agave influence is conspicuously absent. Each sip is rich but crushable, and the palate is simply defined by candied strawberries. Even though there is a noticeable sweetness compared to most hard seltzers, there is hardly no agave flavor in this drink.


Lime zest and oil bursts are followed by a sweet undercurrent of vanilla and agave syrup smells to start things off. After that, the vivid citrus fruit stays on the palate. A wonderful blend of sweet, sour, and tangy notes are there, however it isn’t nearly as fresh as the nose. Some people might feel the need for a little extra agave syrup in this one due to the finish’s slight bitterness.


This taste stands out as the most intriguing and complex of the three releases. The nose starts off with strong pineapple aromas, followed by a hint of pineapple husk and some earthy, green agave aromas. The pineapple flavors are complex and give lively, refreshing sips on the palate, confirming the same. The bitterness in the aftertaste is present once more, but this time it blends in better with the strong pineapple flavors.

The Verdict

Overall, the lineup for CACTI is a case of horses for courses. The strawberry flavor will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth and to those who are not overly concerned about the distinction between natural and “natural flavors; the lime flavor is the lightest and arguably most refreshing of the trio; and the pineapple flavor is the most complex and the best all-arounder.

The high alcohol content, the brewing technique, or a combination of the two may be to blame for the consistently bitter finish. Each would undoubtedly gain by not possessing this message, without a doubt.

Travis Scott’s immense fame guarantees that many people will try this new strong seltzer line. We’ll have to wait and see if drinkers continue to return for more like they do with Truly and White Claw. Though we’ve erred in the past, our judgment is probably not accurate.

Is Travis Scott the maker of Cactus Jack tequila?

The latest work by the musician with the moniker Cactus Jack is the new hard soda, “Cacti,” by Travis Scott. The seltzer, which is sold in 9-can variety packs, says that it is manufactured with only blue agave tequila from Mexico.

White claw has how much alcohol?

Print. The 8 percent alcohol White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge is a concoction of seltzer water, our gluten-free alcohol base, and a smidgen of fruit flavor.

How’s it doing, Cacti seltzer?

Anheuser-Busch stated on Friday that it will no longer sell Travis Scott’s Cacti line of hard seltzers, breaking their connection with the musician less than a year after the Astroworld tragedy.

“We have made the decision to halt all CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer production and brand development following thorough consideration. The beverage manufacturer issued a statement on Friday saying, “We think brand followers will comprehend and support this decision.”

Although Anheuser-Busch did not expressly mention the Astroworld disaster as the cause of the hard seltzer line’s discontinuation, it wasn’t because of low sales: When Cacti first hit the market in March 2021, it instantly sold out online, and retailers had trouble keeping the product in stock. “Many of them claim to have never witnessed anything like it: sold out in a single day, CEO Michel Doukeris said at the time, according to CNBC.