How To Make Succulent Favors

You may buy them in bulk here or at your neighborhood craft store if you’re purchasing succulents elsewhere and want to plant them yourself in terracotta pots. Note: Avoid purchasing plastic. Clay is a must. Given that you’re giving your guests these DIY succulent wedding gifts, they’ll look much nicer.

Add your trimmings

Add some potting soil, a small amount of water (don’t use too much and carefully follow the instructions), some of these pebbles or these if you’d prefer, some twine similar to these, and a favor tag. It works well to use something straightforward like this or this, both of which use string. Use these to hand-write the names of each guest; they are permanent, fine-point, and won’t smudge. They are the markers I always use for crafts.

Why We Love These DIY Succulent Wedding Favors

Still on the fence about providing guests with succulent wedding favors? They are wise in their decision for two reasons.

1. People adore plants and succulents are very easy to care for.

Succulents are adorable potted plants that everyone seems to adore, not an impersonal favor that your guests will soon throw in the trash. The basic requirements for succulents are some light, some water, and plenty of love. Succulents are a thoughtful wedding favor that your guests will use right away in their own homes, so giving them is a fantastic use of your favor cash.

2. You can save money by using succulent favors serve as escort cards.

These DIY succulent wedding gifts can double as escort cards or place cards in addition to serving as favors. How to accomplish this: Write the guest’s name and table assignment directly on the tags that are attached around the jar. After that, set up your escort table with these succulent wedding favors and put a note inviting visitors to take one and find a seat. Additionally, these adorable potted plants will serve as additional table decor when guests arrange the succulents at their place settings.

I hope you had as much fun making these DIY succulent wedding favors as we did! Take a picture and post it in the comments if you’re making your own! Please show us your lovely favors!

How are succulents packaged as favors?

Even though your wedding day will undoubtedly be remembered for all the right reasons, it’s wonderful to give your guests a souvenir. Give them something that will brighten up their home instead of koozies and cookies, like a succulent wrapped in burlap.

How are succulents grown for use as wedding favors?

  • Boutonnieres made with succulents: This is our favorite method to use succulents at weddings! They look fantastic lapel-pinned and ribbon-wrapped! You must wire a succulent in order to utilize it in a bouquet or boutonniere. To do this, remove a few petals from the succulent’s base until a stump is visible. To make a stem, insert the wire through this stump and twist it downward. (Check out this wedding’s adorable succulent bouquet and other succulent-themed touches.)
  • Succulent wedding bouquets: Including succulents in your bouquet will give any floral arrangement a distinctive color and texture. For a dusty, muted aesthetic, try matching it with pastel florals or crisp whites and greens for a more natural appearance.
  • Succulent Wedding Decor: You can use succulents as centerpieces for the reception, but why stop there? See how one Arizona-based couple employed lush arrangements of mint wedding succulents on either side of their wedding arbor curtain (as well as in their bouquets)!
  • Echeveria succulents are stunning focus points for your cake and cake table, making them ideal for succulent wedding cake toppers. (The cake table at this greenery and succulent mint-colored wedding included strings of pearl succulents, echeveria, succulent bride and bridesmaid bouquets, as well as succulent decor.)
  • Wedding favors made from succulents are wonderful! Your guests will be able to keep them for years if you give them them in special containers that bear the date of your wedding.

The best thing about succulents is that, if you propagate them correctly, you can use them again after the wedding. Pick a few petals off of your succulent, put them on some soil, out of the sun, and mist them with water every day. You’ll start to notice roots growing after a few weeks. Watch them grow after planting them in soil!

Can I gift-wrap a succulent?

Use any cardboard box that fits your succulent planter perfectly. Trim the flaps and patch any holes or cuts with transparent tape. Apply a thin layer of ModPodge to the box’s top or bottom, wrap some jute twine or rope around it, and secure it with that.

Can succulents be wrapped?

Shipping succulents in pots or containers isn’t all that different from shipping them bare-root.

Your very dry plants will still need to be wrapped in paper, but be careful to wrap and pack the plants so that as little soil as possible will leak out of the container.

If you’re feeling very committed, you might use plastic wrap to cover the pot’s outside. That will aid in retaining the dirt (as well as moisture, so make sure it is completely dry!).

You may also stop the plants from escaping their pots during shipping by securely covering them. Your box should be marked on the outside to show which side is up and to include a caution to prevent tipping.

How do you fabric-wrap a potted plant?

for embellishing and gift-wrapping plants:

  • For a contrast between rustic and lovely, wrap the pot in a piece of burlap and secure it with a satin or lace ribbon.
  • Wrap the container in fabric scraps and secure it with ribbon or twine. Rubber bands are another option for holding the fabric at the pot’s rim in place. After that, to conceal it, turn the fabric over and tuck it inside the rubber band.
  • A little potted plant looks fantastic wrapped in a sock. Place the pot inside the sock, picking one with a colorful or eye-catching design. Place the plant and soil in the pot after tucking the top of the sock inside.
  • Wrap a pot in squares of wrapping or scrapbook paper. Use tape to affix it.
  • Allowing the grandchildren to design white butcher paper is an excellent idea for grandparent gifts. After that, cover the saucepan with the paper.
  • Use paint to adorn a terracotta pot and let your creative side out.
  • Create your own gift-wrapped plant combos, or even add a fun, original twist, by using your imagination.

Succulents are fantastic wedding favors, right?

This is the ideal resource for you if you want to include succulents in your wedding. Learn where to purchase succulents for centerpieces, boutonnieres, favors, and bouquets.

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You may plan ahead because they are resilient and won’t wilt if they go without water for a few days. They would also make excellent wedding favors for guests because of how popular they are right now. But…

If you don’t live close to a succulent nursery, it might be challenging to find the ideal succulents, especially for favors, at a reasonable price.

Many folks have questioned me about where they can get succulents and tiny terracotta pots for use as succulent wedding favors. Also frequently asked is where to find cuttings for centerpieces, cake toppers, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.

Succulent seeds may be purchased.

It ought to be obvious, but choosing seeds from a reliable supplier will make a significant impact! Many succulent seeds resemble dust or dirt, making them easily mistaken for other objects.

The Walawala Studio store on Etsy is my go-to place to get succulent seeds. They have a wide variety of seeds, some of which are more uncommon species, and the seeds are of the highest caliber.

Great seeds are also sold by other retailers on Amazon and Etsy. Just make sure you read customer reviews before you buy. It will take some time to determine whether succulent seeds are what they claim to be, even though they are not particularly expensive.

Step 1: Insert foam, and fill in empty spaces with moss.

You’ll see that I didn’t use all of the desert foam in the container. Instead, I filled in the gaps with moss and angled the stems of my succulent plants into the foam.

This green Spanish moss was picked because it doesn’t compete with the vibrant artificial succulents.

Step 3: Insert faux succulent stems into foam bricks.

I used wire cutters to trim the stems of the succulents so that they were flush with the foam foundation. Try alternating hues (reds, greens, and blues) and styles for greater aesthetic appeal (cascading versus upright).

Based on the succulents and planter you select, the finished item will resemble this…

Here is how the succulent arrangement currently appears in my living room:

How do you cellophane-wrap a plant in a pot?

The following are the key ideas from our video:

1. From a roll of cellophane, cut two squares. The ideal technique is to fold a corner back on itself to form a triangle, as demonstrated in our video.

2. Layer two squares together such that the top piece’s corners cross the bottom piece’s long edges. The cellophane cover ought to resemble a star.

3. Center your plant in the cellophane’s center. Pinch the cellophane in a line from the edge to where the plant is sitting, starting with a corner. Along this edge, staple the cellophane twice.

4. Continue until all of the corners are pinched and stapled around the plant.

5. To keep the cellophane in place, top off the plant with a bow.

How are plants given as gifts?

1. Plants endure. They make a significant present that will last for many years and continue to flourish and bring beauty. Live plants never lose their value over time, unlike other presents that eventually go out of style or become obsolete.

2. Included in plants

There is no need to be concerned with diet or dress choices. Additionally, your gift recipient does not need to be an expert gardener to appreciate a plant. From low-light tolerant plants to plants that are good for pets, there are many low-maintenance kinds that are suitable for every household situation.

3. Plants improve our environs and lift our emotions. We experience less mental exhaustion and tension as well as more relaxation and self-worth when we are in touch with nature. According to studies, even a brief encounter with the outdoors can have a relaxing impact.

A carefully selected plant makes the ideal present for just about anyone. Follow our advice on giving plants below to help your gift recipient and future plant parent succeed.

Starting early is the secret to stress-free gift-buying. Why not send your host or the person you are celebrating their present for before the occasion if a holiday, birthday, or other special occasion is approaching? You can never have too much of a good thing! Select the plant they want, add a stylish ceramic planter, and add a sweet remark to the order when checking out. We’ll see to it that their present is delivered right to their front door.

You can still place your purchase early to prevent any potential shipping delays and needless worry if you prefer to offer your plant gifts in person. Unpack your plant presents as soon as they get to your house. Give them some gentle handling (shipping is not always gentle), a glass of water, and a window so they may get some natural light. You can use the shipping boxes they arrived in again or get crafty with wrapping paper, bows, and other accessories when it comes time to give them to your lucky recipients. Your options for gift wrapping are nearly endless.

You have time to tailor the gift recipients’ unwrapping experience if you order and get your plant gifts in advance. Fun with it, please! Print up plant care instructions, add a ceramic plant message pop, or even plant the plant straight from the grow container into the planter.

While for some, the adage “plant care is self care” means leaving their plant in its grow pot for convenience’s sake, for others, getting their hands dirty and re-engaging with nature can be therapeutic. If the recipient of your present falls into the second category, provide printed potting instructions, a bag of organic potting soil, lava rocks (if the planter has a drainage hole), and a plant.

We get that some recipients of gifts may have limitations due to low or no light, hectic travel schedules, young children, or naughty pets. Everyone has the option to add greenery and happiness to their home by using faux and preserved plants and dried floral arrangements. People enjoy different kinds of plants.