How To Make Felt Cactus

Cactus Design Our Cactus Palette in wool felt is ideal! Felt Poms in various sizes; we prefer the Brown and Stone Fabric Paint hues. We utilized a Terra Cotta pot with a rim that was about 4″ wide. Scissors for polyfil Stick Pins for a Hot Glue Gun Sewing Device (not shown)

On plain copy paper, print out the pattern (or draw your own design from scratch) and cut out the cactus you wish to use first. Take a 6″ x 9″ piece of felt, fold it in half, and secure the paper pattern with pins.

1. Use your sewing machine now to sew directly on the paper-pinned felt. It’s very simple! We adore using this technique to trace and sew patterns—just remember to leave the bottom unstuffed. 2. Gently pull the paper away from the felt to remove it. 3. Using a pair of razor-sharp scissors, cut the area around the stitched line by about 1/4″. Lastly, take some fabric paint and dab it in small spots all over the cactus. To produce even lines, we used a piece of paper as a guide. Repeat on the opposite side and allow to dry overnight. And just to give this fabric paint a shout-out, we tried a few different kinds and discovered we preferred the flow and puffiness of this paint the most!

Warm up your hot glue gun and add some polyfil to the bottom of your pot. Then, combine a few items to create the greatest prickly pairs (did you catch the pun?). and for a little additional stability, hot glue the bases together. Poms should be placed strategically around the cactus and the pot’s base. You’re nearly finished!

To cut out the accent flowers, grab the pattern. I used roughly 5-7 blooms per pot, adding accents to the felt pebbles or the cactus’ tip. For intricate work like this, our fine-tipped glue gun works great!

Step 1: Cut the pieces out using the felt succulent templates

With my Cricut Maker, I enjoy cutting felt with the rotary blade. Use the firm grip mat when using the blade if you don’t have a Maker.