How To Make Cactus Costume

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Being a major fan of Halloween costumes, I usually spend months organizing and planning my costume, but this year it kind of snuck up on me. I had to think quickly and come up with a costume that I could make in just one Sunday afternoon and—more importantly—one that I could acquire the supplies for using Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. I didn’t want to miss the chance to get crafty and play dress-up at my very serious grownup work.

As a result, I created my own straightforward, no-sew cactus costume. Don’t touch, I’m prickly was written on an advertisement I saw of a woman wearing a cactus sweater. I found it amusing and agreed that it would make a fantastic costume.

A green knit sweater, a few pipe cleaners, and approximately 30 minutes are all you need to construct this simple costume!

How are cactus headbands made?

How adorable is Cameron as this gumball machine that is expecting? When she was expecting her son Ned (famous for his Brit + Co baby BB8 outfit), we shot this in May of last year. Start with a long, white cotton tee to achieve this appearance. Its belly should be covered in vibrant cotton pom-poms! A red cotton maxi skirt with a coin slot was affixed to the bottom. Done and finished.

10. Ice Cream and Pizza: Last but not least, our two favorite food categories, ice cream and pizza. Let’s talk about my ice cream queen persona first. We painted sprinkles all over a white cotton garment with a flared skirt. To provide the illusion of a cone at the skirt’s bottom, add beige cotton fabric. Create a cardboard cone and cover it in fabric to use as the ice cream hat. Regarding that pizza! Make a cardboard triangle that is very huge. The entire thing should then be covered with fringe made from yellow cotton pieces. Make a matching hat with your choice of fabric toppings. Underneath the slice, put on a white cotton t-shirt and cotton khakis, and you’ll be in love 😉

How to Make Your Own Cactus Couples Costume

Pipe cleaners should be cut into 1 1/2 inch lengths, folded in half, and hot glued to the sweatshirt to create tiny prickers. Small pieces of pipe cleaner can be used to fill up any gaps.

Four tissue paper sheets should be folded into an accordion shape after being cut into an 8 × 5-inch rectangle. Pull up each layer of paper to form a flower by encircling the center of the tissue paper fold with a pipe cleaner. On the sweatshirt’s right shoulder, hot glue flowers.

Create a cardboard cactus form, then wrap it in a green fabric. To give the cactus spikes and a bloom, use pink tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Integrate with a headband.

How are elf shoes made?


  • Elf shoe pieces should be cut out. The following pattern parts can be downloaded and printed:
  • Each shoe’s top should be sewn together. Connect the two upper pieces using pins.
  • Zigzag fringe should be attached. Press the seam open after removing the shoe upper.
  • Sew each shoe’s back together.
  • Sew the shoes’ soles.
  • Complete the shoes.

How are Rudolph headbands made?


  • Get the template printed. Slice out a piece of the felt template.
  • On the felt, trace four antler shapes. Eliminate the antlers.
  • Onto one antler piece, hot glue two pipe cleaner segments.
  • Your final two pieces of felt should be hot glued on top of your initial two antler pieces.
  • Wrap your headband with the pipe cleaner ends.