How To Make A Succulent Pillow

You would require three sizes to complete the pattern.

  • First layer: 11″ x 8″; cut 16 pieces (to make 8 leaves)
  • Second layer: 20 individual 8″x5″ cuts (to make 10 leaves)
  • Third layer: cut 16 pieces of 8″x5″ (to make 8 leaves)
  • Cut 12 pieces of 6 1/2″ x 4″ cardstock (to make 6 leaves) for the top layer (to make one leaf)

Reminder: Be sure to allow a half-inch space all around the leaves. Following the dotted line, cut. Put the front sides of the two pieces of fabric together before sewing. On the rounded end, leave a space for your stuffing. This will need to be manually stitched after being stuffed.