How To Make A Cactus Tree

Pool noodles are excellent for many crafts, and you can combine several to create larger cacti. I produced this one using just one noodle.

1. Roughly cut the noodle from the centre (since it’s a tree, you don’t need to be too precise).

2. Separate the remaining half of the noodle into two pieces as well. If you want a more organic look, one part can be a little bit longer than the other.

How may PVC pipe be used to create a palm tree?

Thread them onto the PVC pipe one at a time, working your way down. Put some pressure on the first one at the bottom, just above the hardened cement, then use hot glue to attach it to the PVC pipe. Continue until you reach the top of the PVC pipe with the remaining bags, squishing them as you go to simulate the raised bark of palm tree trunks.