How To Make A Cactus Pinata

You’ll need cardboard or poster board, green crepe paper streamers, scissors, invisible tape, packing tape, white paper, glue, a pencil, and a ruler to make this beautiful cactus piñata.


Your paper streamer should be folded, layered, and cut at the bottom to make a fringe. To completely cover your cactus piata, cut and tape fringe streamers to it.


Top your homemade cactus piata with pink flowers and pink fringe crepe paper. Use bits of white poster board or a roll of white crepe paper to cut out tiny white cactus pricks. Onto your cactus piata, glue them.

What sort of paper do pinatas use?

superior crepe paper (cut into 2 inch strips and 1.5 inch strips) newspaper (cut into 1.5 inch strips) 7-8 thick cardstock sheets.

How may cacti be made into crafts?

Step 2: Cut out the pieces of your cardboard cactus. You need two pieces of cardboard to make the homemade saguaro cactus. You may include many paddles in the craft made from the prickly pear cactus. Your creativity and the quantity of cardboard you have on hand will determine the shape, size, and number of paddles for your cactus craft.

Step 3Slit the saguaro cactus pieces at the top and bottom. With the slits connecting them, the cardboard cactus will fit together like a jigsaw. This is what gives your own 3D cactus dimension.

Step 4: Using a paler shade of green paint, add painted accents that mimic cactus spikes. This pattern might be totally arbitrary. Use toothpick tips as spikes for the homemade prickly pear cactus. Insert the toothpick between the cardboard cactus paddle pieces using a small amount of adhesive.

On top, pompoms or flowers provide lovely accents. We all know that pompoms make everything better. With hot glue, add.

Step 5: Use glue to secure the cardboard cactus in a pot with foam at the bottom. When the DIY cactus is complete, insert the parts inside the pot and secure them with hot glue to the foam. The adhesive and foam ensure that the cactus craft you have spent so much time making stands straight and does not fall over. Add more pompoms or rocks to the foam to cover it.

Build your cardboard cactus and display in Step 6. Better yet, this cactus creation doesn’t require any watering and won’t perish even if you neglect to water it. Since you are aware that it is cardboard, I sincerely hope that you do.

Which creative cardboard cactus design do you prefer? Team prickly pear or the saguaro? Since choosing is difficult, you might as well choose both.

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How can a toilet paper roll be transformed into a piata?

  • Incorporate a brief ribbon piece within the toilet paper tube. Place a small square of tissue paper on top of the ribbon before draping it over the top of the tube. Use adhesive to keep in place.
  • Add candies to the tube, and then adhere a last little square of tissue paper to the top.
  • Tissue paper in various colors should be cut into 2-inch strips. Each sheet of tissue paper should be cut into a few thin strips by using scissors, cutting each strip through the middle.
  • Apply adhesive to the tissue paper strips and wrap them around the toilet paper tube. As you wrap the tube with tissue paper, switch between the two colors.
  • Pull the string along the pinata’s base until the tissue paper breaks to release the pinata.

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What do you put inside a miniature piata?

Know what’s enjoyable? The fun of pinatas. Why are pinatas only available for us to play with when we are young? All of that will change with the creative DIY project of today.

These charming small pinatas make great party favors, and making them is much more enjoyable than using them. Finding methods to have just as much fun as the kids is one of the best things about being an adult. This craft is ideal for bringing out the joy of childhood in both kids and adults.

What do I stuff in my mini pinatas?

You can put everything you can fit into a mini piñata. Fill them with sweets, treats, miniature presents, and other things. Even as a fun method to send a quick note, they’re fantastic to make!

Build these DIY Mini Pinatas to get your creative juices flowing and to use your imagination. They’d be wonderful for a “anytime” kind of surprise and I think they’d be a great addition to a festive party or themed gathering.

Can cardboard pinatas be broken easily?

Thin cardboard is occasionally the best option owing to time restraints or the nature of the project you’re producing, but I generally avoid working with it because it’s hard to break with a stick. In order to stiffen the sculpture and ensure that it maintains its shape even if you use thin cardboard, you usually still need to cover it with papier-mâché.

From Sam’s Club or Costco, you may obtain large sheets of thin cardboard for nothing. In addition to other piles of boxed goods scattered throughout the store, you can find them in the paper towel and toilet paper stacks. They have always let me have them all to myself.

The target region of store-bought piatas occasionally uses corrugated cardboard, but I never do. It’s simply impossible to break.

I cut a number of parallel snips in the thin cardboard, bent them in on themselves, and used them to round off an area. All of the cuts must be the same length when shaping thin cardboard. The cardboard will pucker and develop angular lumps if your cuts are made at varied lengths.

Thin cardboard may be cut into a smooth, rounded shape much more rapidly with careful cutting than with a big punch ball. Just make sure it’s not too difficult to break. Folding all those flaps down can result in several layers of cardboard that are difficult to get through, so you might need to use some inventive cutting to make it breakable, especially for kids.

Can you make a piata out of a cereal box?

With this incredibly easy DIY piñata, you can save some money while having fun. An empty cereal box and some tissue paper are all you need. Create your own piñata to use as a party game using an empty cereal box.

Do you need newspaper to build a piata?

Making a piata can be done with any form of water-absorbing paper. People typically use newspaper because it is 1) inexpensive (or free if they already have it), 2) thin and effectively absorbs water, and 3) easily rips when being used and for breaking piatas. You can check your local grocery store or ask your neighbors if they have any free weekly newspapers if you don’t have any. When I need newspaper, I’ll hurry to the store late on Wednesday and grab a few copies that are already going to be recycled, before the new issue is released. Where I live, we have a free weekly paper that is published on Thursdays.

You can use heavier paper, such as printer paper, but you should let it soak in the papier mch bath for a while beforehand. I don’t know, maybe give the papier mch around 30 to 60 seconds to fully soak it up. Since the glossy surface of glossy advertisement paper is not highly absorbent, it is not recommended for producing piatas. Prior to applying the paper to the piata, make sure it is completely saturated with water.

To keep the papier mch together, you will need some sort of paper or other absorbent substance. The Israelite slaves in Egypt are described in the Old Testament book of Exodus as constructing bricks out of mud and straw. The brick’s main component, the mud, was held together by the straw. We’re using strips of paper and a flour/water mixture instead of mud and straw, but the idea is the same. Paper, linen, or even straw can be used in place of the newspaper, but we still need some sort of absorbent material to keep the papier-mâché together and in place.

How many paper mache layers are required for a piata?

Why not let the Halloween treats flow from a single source for events like birthdays, class parties, and holiday gatherings?

Now might be a wonderful time to create a few striking pinatas.

Papier-mache pinatas are the authentic thing, as opposed to store-bought pinatas, which are typically made of cardboard and can be challenging to shatter.

Additionally, homemade ones aren’t just for kids’ events. To lend flair to holidays like Halloween (pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders), Hanukkah (dreidels), Christmas (trees, reindeer, or Santa), and New Year’s, modern pinatas can be sleek and geometric for adult events (stars). They might even attend weddings (hearts, of course).

Additionally, you are not limited to using the standard candy found in pinatas purchased from stores as their filler. For Halloween, how about some plastic snakes and spiders together with black and orange confetti? For New Year’s, tiny plastic kazoos and noisemakers?

A piñata can be made in a few days or evenings, one half hour per day. And it’s simple. All you need is some creativity, a shape to wrap with a couple layers of newsprint dipped in flour and water, string, glue, and crepe paper or paint.

In order to wrap the papier-mch, which begins as wet and pliable and dries one layer at a time to make a hard shell, the form must first be made.

The common practice is to start with a balloon and then add cardboard tubes made from paper towel or toilet paper rolls to create the required shape. Wire or a cardboard frame can be used to create more geometric shapes.

The traditional papier-mch recipe calls for roughly 2 parts water to 1 part flour, combined until it produces a smooth watery paste, however there are several variants. You could also use a water and glue mixture.

To cover the frame or balloon fully, strips of shredded newsprint or magazine pages are dipped in the papier-mch mixture until they are moist but not leaking. A tiny hole is left for later inserting treats. Rough edges of the paper adhere better than precisely trimmed edges.

It’s time for another layer and to pop the balloon inside after the paper layer is totally dry (each layer can take a day to dry indoors, sometimes less if left in the sun). Each layer must to dry completely in order for the papier-mch to avoid becoming moldy. For a piñata, at least three layers of papier-mache are often required. Painting or tissue paper covering are not even necessary if colored paper (such as black for a bat or orange for a pumpkin) is used as the top layer.

The decoration follows. Use your imagination to cover the piñata with layers of tissue or crepe paper that are glued on, strips of glittering or glittery paper, paper cupcake liners, colored Post-It notes, or a thin coat of paint. Craft stores carry eyes and other accessories.

Punch two tiny holes at the top of the piñata and thread a string through them to hang it. Fill the piñata with any little, light-weight treats you like.

What are the 10 steps to making a piata?

Creating a Pinata

  • Ingredients Required for Step 1 2c of flour
  • Mix the flour and water in Step 2.
  • 3. Inflate the balloon.
  • Making the Body is Step 4.
  • Applying garland is step five.
  • Balloon popping is step six.
  • Step 7: Add More to It!
  • Make two holes on either side of the entrance after the goodies are inside.