How to Care for a Hedgehog Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that sometimes gives back. If you take care of it, and grow your own Aloe in the comfort of home then there’s no need to go anywhere else for Fresh Grown Aloes!

You know that feeling when you burn your finger on the hot pan? Well, luckily there’s a plant called Aloe Vera. It will heal up those cuts and burns in no time! The Hedgehog variety of this miracle worker has smaller leaves than its traditional counterpart but still packs some punch with over 100 times as many healing nutrients per leaf (or stem).

What is Aloe?

Aloe is a forgiving succulent with large, blue-green leaves that will often produce unique spikes of coral red flowers in the spring and late summer. This plant makes quite an impression on first time owners because it’s easy to grow low maintenance requirements. 

However its loving nature can lead you into trouble if not cared for properly so keep this one indoors or out beneath shade during harsh sun rays where temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius).

Like all succulents, Aloe needs very little water and will flourish in a bright sunny spot. If you have one of these beauties at home during summertime take it out to see if your flower can reward with colorful blooms! 

Its nectar has healing properties that are good for any burn or skin irritation too so keep some on hand just like its gel leaves when applied topically as this plant’s ability makes people feel better who’ve been injured by accidents such as fires.

About The Hedgehog Aloe Vera

It’s not just Aloe. Besides the Hedgehog, there are other cool things about this plant!  It looks really great as well with its straight spiky leaves making a fantastic contrast against fluffy plants such Pothos and lavender. 

Which have their own unique look but can be difficult to grow because they need more water than most types of houseplants that prefer dry roots (which is why many hydroponics stores sell them).

This little hedgehog loves to grow and it has some cool tricks up its sleeve. It also puts out “pups” that you can propagate, so if a plant in your home dies or is giving off too much heat for comfort then there’s no need to worry about getting rid of this guy!

How To Care for a Hedgehog Aloe Vera

When you get a Hoya Heart plant, it’s important to provide the right conditions for growth. You should have water in potting soil with some fertilizer mixed in there too so that when your new plants grow up they will be healthy and happy from beginning till end!


As a plant, you are going to be better off if your Hedgehog Aloe Vera is watered too little than it would after having been over-watered. To avoid this problem with succulents that have water uptake problems like the hedgehogs. 

Make sure not only do they receive enough sunlight but also moderate temperatures during dry periods between watering sessions as well; otherwise things can get bad really quickly!

To maximize your indoor garden’s potential, it is important to give the plants enough water. When growing (summer), you can go a little heavier on the watering and keep it damp but never let any excess moisture seep in through their roots or leave behind soggy pots with no drainage system! 

Make sure that when using this type of pot for hydroponics systems have one with good draining capabilities as well so all unused dripping goes back into your flower bed instead of onto your clothes at home.


Get your hedgehog aloe Vera a place with bright, direct light. Stick him right on the windowsill for some vitamin D and healing powers! At its core, a sunflower is just a flower. 

But when you add in all of the extra features that make it so much more than meets the eye- from their wide variety of colors and shapes to how durable they can be! Let me tell ya about this one plant.

The wonderful world (and life) outside my window has never seemed brighter because every day there are new flowers waiting for me by our doorstep; some days we get an early kick out into light browns or greens while other times bright oranges peek through between these leaves as if offering up reassurance ourselves both us humans. 


Succulents are not really like people. You’ll need a Cactus & Succulent mix for the Hedgehog Aloe Vera, and these will never sit in water so they can be happy all day long!


Aloe Vera is a great plant for hedgehogs, and it can be fed with their favorite houseplant fertilizer. You should give the Aloe Vera at least once during spring or summer when the growing season starts up again (or both). The general rule of thumb would be to use half strength fertilizers if you want an organic-based diet; this will also provide plenty of nutrients your pet needs!

Things to Watch for with Your Hedgehog Aloe Vera

Succulents are not easy. They require a lot of care and attention in order to grow them successfully, but if you’re just lazy about watering then I guess that makes this process easier right?

The only thing is there’s some things those looking into succulent plants should know before getting their hands on one; like how much sunlight does it need because different types will do better with more sun light vs less or vice versa depending upon

Yellow or Brown Leaves

One of the fastest ways to kill your plants is by overwatering. Make sure you let them dry out and avoid keeping it in water near where they are sitting, or on a drip pan for this reason alone!

Droopy leaves

Droopy leaves are a telltale sign of not enough light. If you can move your plant to an area with windows that get plenty of sun, then do so! Otherwise consider using grow lights for happier plants and better yields in the future.


Did you water it? If not, then Aloe Vera is probably suffering from a drought. It’s super tough and can survive without watering for quite some time but eventually the plant will dry up (if left unchecked).

Luckily there are ways to get hydrated again! You could do what’s called “soak-watering”. This just involves placing potting soil or sand in your sink full of cold tap water until saturated. 

Before adding more fresh ingredients like new compost tea leaves/tea bag combination etc. Make sure they’re fully immersed under liquid throughout all surfaces . Soaking wetness should be at least 2 inches deep when done.

Final Verdict

I’m looking forward to getting a sunburn and using some of the Aloe… Almost!

In line with my love for plants, I definitely recommend that you get yourself one if this is something new in your collection!  

The gel inside is very soothing when applied on skin; perfect after spending time outside during summer months or before going out into nature at night where there are no artificial lights we can use as guides by which our eyesight adapts too quickly (this will lead us astray).