Where To Place Lucky Bamboo Plant In House

The lucky bamboo is a plant that promotes prosperity and abundance. Place three or nine stalks of fortunate bamboo in the Xun position, or money corner, of your house, office, or bedroom to draw in additional wealth. Standing at the front door of your house or room, identify the far left corner to find the wealth corner. Put your lucky bamboo here with the hope that your finances will continue to develop and expand.

Kun, the Relationships Corner

A peaceful connection between you and your existing or potential spouse can be supported by placing lucky bamboo in the partnerships corner (Kun). Standing at the front door and looking inside, identify the far right corner of your house to find the relationships area.

Standing at your bedroom door, locate the far right corner of the space to identify the relational area of the space. In this spot, put a vase of water with two lucky bamboo stalks in it—one for each spouse and one for you. The two stalks should be around the same size, as this represents a balanced relationship between you and your companion. Set the intention that as you do this, your two lucky bamboo stalks will encourage a healthy relationship and that you two will develop together.

Near the Entry

The wood element, which stands for development, fresh beginnings, and family harmony, is related to lucky bamboo. To attract any of these aspects into your life, try planting a lucky bamboo plant close to the entrance to your house. Your home’s entrance is where energy enters your life, making it a fantastic location to place fortunate bamboo.

On Your Desk

Your desk is said to represent your career, work, and life path in feng shui. A fortunate bamboo plant on your desk might encourage growth and career expansions if you feel that your work needs further development.

Which direction should we keep the bamboo plant facing?

  • Bamboo plants are thought to bring luck and defend the residents of the home from evil spirits. The red ribbon attached to the stalk of the bamboo indicates fire, and the bamboo itself represents wood. No matter where the facility is located, wood and fire symbolize the ideal balance. If you want to take advantage of the bamboo’s health benefits, it should be positioned in the east. Bamboo promotes prosperity when placed in the southeast, which is the direction of money and fortune. A bamboo plant with ten stalks will bring prosperity, joy, and good health.

Can we maintain the lucky bamboo facing north?

Northeast, East, North, and Southeast are the ideal directions for growing the Vastu bamboo plant in your home. A beautiful tool for igniting the energy of a certain direction is the Vastu bamboo plant. As a result, it can be used however one sees fit.

The bamboo plant should be kept towards northeast to increase mental capacity. Additionally, it will assist in clearing the mind and encourage the production of fresh, original ideas.

According to Vastu principles, keeping the bamboo plant in the East would help to revitalize your life. Additionally, it will improve your relationships and ties to other people and your family.

Typically, bamboo plants are cultivated in one of two ways: as a tiny Vastu plant inside the house, or as a large plant in the garden or backyard. The South, West, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest are good directions for growing large-sized bamboo plants.

But because they grow so quickly and reach such enormous heights, it is difficult to grow these natural bamboo plants in your home. Your home may experience space-related issues as a result. Therefore, Dracaena Sanderiana is the kind utilized to grow bamboo plants at home.

For good luck, how many bamboo stalks are required?

Six stalks stand for prosperity and good fortune. Health is represented by seven stalks. Eight stalks stand for development. Nine stalks are a lucky number.

Where in the house should we keep the fortunate plant?

It’s time to decide where to put your plant now that it’s been potted and is prepared. Bamboo thrives in direct, bright light. The leaves may burn if it is placed in direct sunlight. On the other side, the leaves will turn yellow if you place it in a dim area.

According to Vastu, a bamboo plant should be placed in the house’s eastern corner. The energy of the family is represented by this area of the home. It will draw good energy if you put it close to the home’s entryway. It can draw prosperity and aid with money problems if you put it at the southeast corner of your home.

The northeast zone is great for planting a bamboo plant in a study or workplace. Here, it will stimulate your brain and clear your head of clutter. Bamboo planted in the northeast promotes creativity that is advantageous for both working adults and school-aged youngsters.