What Religion Are The Living Stones Quartet

Four men who decided to use their gift of singing to serve the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ led to the formation of the Living Stones Quartet. The Lord gave them this thought when they played as a quartet for the Kottayam Mixed Voices’ 2012 Christmas concert. The Living Stones quartet was established after they prayed and returned their thoughts to the Lord.

The four of them are passionate about sharing what the Lord has done in their lives as well as quartet singing. They unquestionably attest to the fact that they are sinners who were saved by the Lord Jesus Christ’s grace. The Living Stones Quartet takes pleasure in providing uplifting music to a hurting society in a world where “harvest is plenty and labourers are few.”

Harmony singing originated in traditional church hymns, and it now blends in with Southern gospel, spirituals, a cappella gospel, and contemporary gospel.

Alen Itty Jose, Jithin Mathew Abraham, Olive Abraham, and Blesson M. Joseph make up the Living Stones Quartet.

The living stones are whom?

However, if you are a disciple of Jesus, exile is something you should anticipate. Rejection will happen when we strive to fulfill everything God says we are capable of becoming in Christ Jesus.

Oh, that’s wonderful (please note my sarcasm). So why would we want to endure pain and endure rejection? Because we are aware of Jesus’ value. We have already sampled the spiritual milk. We are aware of both our past selves and our new selves in Christ.

Let’s step back and ask ourselves why rejection is a given. since Jesus did it first.

Jesus is described as the Living Stone in verses 4 and 5, who was rejected by people yet esteemed and valued by God.

The idea of God’s authority and reign is present in the stone. It’s crucial to remember that he’s alive because he’s the Living Stone. not deceased Although it seems too simple to mention, it is significant since it shows that the stone is alive and functional.

This Living Stone was also disregarded. Jesus, the son of God, was charged with fraud, betrayal, and criminal activity. In the worst manner possible, he was crucified.

However, the One who was spurned was in fact precious and chosen. His apparent rejection in the end was actually a part of God’s original plan all along. His rejection was intended to keep you and I safe.

Furthermore, as we begin to rely on the Living Stone (Jesus), we are developing into Living Stones (Jesus). We are also constructed into a spiritual home, also known as a temple, also known as where God dwells by His spirit, as living stones.

Are we actually constructing a temple? No. We are the spiritual home, nevertheless. the chapel. When you place your trust in THE Living Stone (Jesus), each person is a living stone. Together, in all of our individuality, we are constructed into a new spiritual home, a home of the Spirit where God resides among us. When you consider it, that is rather bizarre. Like, give it some serious thought. These implications include:

  • Significance
  • This is not a community event or another social gathering; it is usGrace Community Church. There is a supernatural event taking place right now. Our shared existence, in all of its diversity and oneness, serves a lofty, eternal purpose.
  • Our interactions are therefore essential, not elective. Whether we get along or not, we are creating a spiritual home together.
  • Agony & Rejection
  • Because our Living Stone, the one in whom we have faith, suffered and was rejected, following Jesus entails suffering and rejection.
  • It is not a matter of your resolve or willpower to follow Jesus. It depends on how valuable and precious Jesus is to follow him. Because if you follow Jesus, the world will reject you as well.
  • Is it worthwhile to be scorned for Jesus? (yes.)

The good news is that sorrow and rejection are not the ultimate results. The promise in verses 6 and 7 is as follows: “Whoever trusts in him will not be ashamed; the honor belongs to you who trust…

But the choice of how one responds to Jesus is up to each individual. When it comes to Jesus, neutrality is not an option. Either he is the world’s savior or you need saving. Or, He is not, thus you are not in need of salvation.

Jesus is either the cornerstone upon which everything is constructed or your living stone. He may also be the stone that trips you up and stuns your toe.

I’ll thus leave you with this query. To you, who is Jesus? Do you desire that He become your Living Stone but are unsure of what that entails? Inform us. We would adore speaking with you.

What does the Bible say about rocks?

The first mention of memorial stones in the Bible is found in Genesis 28:10–22, where Jacob erected a pillar in Bethel to remember a stirring dream-vision of God. The experience was so powerful that Jacob thought it needed to be remembered, so he built the stone bed.

Jacob vowed never to lose sight of what God had given him. The name Bethel, which means “House of God,” then rose to prominence as a place of worship. Jacob increased his faith and the faith of people who later worshipped there by viscerally recalling what God had done.


God gives the Israelites the order to cross the Jordan River, which He has miraculously halted, in Joshua 4:1–8. The 12 tribes are led by Joshua in removing rocks from the riverbed so they might build Gilgal in the Promised Land. Jordan’s 12 stones served as a tribute to God’s kindness and healing power.

However, not just those who saw the miracle are enjoying these stones. In Joshua 4:21–22, it is stated that “Your children will inquire, ” “What do these rocks represent? You can then inform them of, “The Israelites crossed the Jordan here on dry land. God wants us to tell future generations about His goodness.

Future generations were reminded of the God of miracles by the memorial stones in Gilgal, which helped to restore their confidence in him. Since the Eternal Wall will forever remember Jesus, we think it will accomplish this.


The Israelites are depicted in 1 Samuel 7:7–12 as being under imminent Philistine attack. Samuel builds a sizable stone and gives it the name Ebenezer, which means “the stone of aid,” because God gives them the victory. Samuel acknowledged the cause of their triumph and announced it in the open. It made sure that the Israelites wouldn’t forget God’s grace by permanently remembering God’s goodness. The memorial stones ensured that God, the architect of Israel’s victory, received all praise.

What does the biblical term “cornerstone” mean?

The cornerstone was originally the stone that the builders had rejected (1 Peter 2:7).

The foundation. The first stone was laid as a masonry foundation was being built. As the first stone to be laid, it serves as the starting point for all stones that are laid after it. In this single component—the cornerstone—everything is defined.

That is how you may tell whether you are straying from the structure’s original design.

Jesus establishes our reality in the same way that the first stone serves as the foundation for what is good and bad, true and untrue. He is more than just a companion or Sunday Savior. He serves as the lens through which we view the world. Since He is the foundation of our worldview, the cross of Jesus serves as the yardstick by which we judge how we should interpret the happenings around us.

We also require a Cornerstone. We require one since our emotions force us to move in different directions. And when our emotions tempt us to redefine reality, we must again go back to the definition of what we already know to be true—love God’s for us as shown through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.

When you are tempted to base your sense of worth on what your boss thinks of you today, remember the Cornerstone.

When you feel like you are in over your head because of events that are out of your control today and are tempted to doubt God’s love, look to the Cornerstone.

When the world seems to be moving too quickly today and you are tempted to believe there is no larger purpose or design, turn to the Cornerstone.

Look to the Cornerstone if you are angry right now because you believe you are being treated unfairly.

Look to the Cornerstone today whenever you have the chance to either defend your errors or simply own them by stating, “I’m sorry.

Keep in mind the foundation upon which your life and reality are created, and while you do so, allow the initial stone to serve as the model for all subsequent ones. Our reality is defined by Jesus Christ, the beginning and last.