What Stores Sell Houseplants

The likes of Walmart, Lowe’s, and Home Depot sell inexpensive houseplants, but they are typically the “usual suspects” rather than anything truly unique. Since most shops don’t give plants any care or watering once they are on the shelves, try to seize the opportunity as soon as they enter the store. Although labeling is spotty at best (sometimes it’s just one word, like “succulent” or “fern”), it’s a fantastic method to buy plants locally if money is tight. One more issue: These plants are frequently potted in subpar compost, or perhaps the incorrect compost altogether, so think about repotting them as soon as you get them home. And what about those glittering, painted succulents? Just just… don’t.

In the Portland, Oregon, area, listener Sasha Tee alerts us to New Seasons Market for a respectable selection of houseplants, while in the Montana region, listener Dani Turner highlights Montana Ace for its own unexpectedly nice collection.

Where should indoor plants be purchased?

The Top 12 Online Shops For Indoor Plants (Without Leaving Your Couch)

  • The best overall retailer for online plant purchases is Bloomscape.
  • The Sill is the best online retailer for popular houseplants.
  • Amazon is the best online retailer for a wide selection of plants.
  • The best online retailer for large plants is 1-800-Flowers.

Do they sell indoor plants at Trader Joe’s?

A delightful surprise awaits you at Trader Joe’s every time. The grocery shop always has something exciting to offer, whether it’s new food releases every month, gorgeous greeting cards, or beauty products. Its impressive array of plants is one among the things I am most looking forward to. Houseplants are a product that is sold at Trader Joe’s along with flowers. While it’s simple to overlook the leafy greens on a crowded shopping day, you can usually find them out front or along the store’s perimeter. You won’t ever forget that Trader Joe’s offers plants after you’ve seen them. Its variety is a veritable gold mine of greens, including peace lilies, prickly pear cacti, bunny mini plants, and fashionable coffee plants—all for an unbeatable price. Even though I never intend to purchase a plant, I frequently find myself doing so because, “For that price, how could I not?” (At least, that’s what I tell myself.)

There is typically at least one plant that will be calling your name, even though the variety varies seasonally and from store to store. A few of TJ’s greatest plants are shown below; feel free to pick one up on your next shopping trip!

Are indoor plants sold in nurseries?

A great place to get high-quality houseplants is typically a garden center or independent nursery.

Since you went there to look for a plant, the persons selling them should be competent and eager to help you whenever they can. If they can, they should try to sell you one.

Each and every one of these plants must be sold in order for the business to survive, and since they may have been in the store for some time before being sold, they will be well-cared for.

  • superior caliber.
  • excellent treatment.
  • available guidance
  • If plants fail, there is usually a good refund or exchange policy.
  • a broad and varied range.
  • occasionally dear.
  • They are frequently out of the way and consequently difficult to get on foot.
  • Discounts and “bargains” can be hard to find.

What is the top website for plant care?

Here are five websites that will teach you all you need to know if you’re new to caring for houseplants and are afraid about killing your plants.

Taking care of indoor plants is challenging. Even though it might seem that watering them once a week will keep them healthy, this is frequently untrue. Different types of indoor plants require various temperatures, feeding, and pot adjustments.

The health of your plant can be greatly influenced by all of these variables. Here are the top five resources for learning how to properly care for houseplants so you can keep them healthy.

Do they provide potted plants at Trader Joe’s?

Houseplants of every kind, including potted bulbs, orchids, inch plants, and more, are available at Trader Joe’s. I have a couple of Trader Joe’s indoor plants, including an inch plant, a crispy wave fern, and a miniature orchid. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, are inexpensive, and are healthful. Give TJ’s houseplants a look if you want to decorate your home with style and some greenery without spending a lot of money.

What kind of plants can I buy at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s plants are known for their freshness. Freshest quality, greatest rates. These are the tenets of TJ’s plants and flowers, according to Maggie Meccia-Vogt, category manager for plants and flowers, who was interviewed on a 2019 episode of the TJ’s podcast titled The Plants & Flowers Edition. Put it in, then take it out. I believe that this has been the secret to our success and the reason we have such a large following of devoted plant and flower customers: if something can’t sell in our stores within 24 hours, it doesn’t belong in our… businesses.

It is the same to offer perfectly ripe produce or meats that have just been butchered to have healthy plants that look beautiful and fresh. There is an additional layer for Trader Joe’s, and Meccia-Vogt believes that it has to do with how customers there view plants in general.

“We make every effort to keep the section as current as we can. I think the majority of our clients purchase items for personal use at home, which is completely different. She clarified in 2019 that it takes a much more distinctly European approach to flowers. If you go to Europe, and I was driving through residential areas in Germany from Holland when I saw that every window had flowers and plants in it. Do I want to spend the money on something for myself? is a common thought in the US.

Flowers are frequently associated with special occasions or wonderful gifts in the minds of Americans. Customers at Trader Joe’s don’t believe that: “I believe I often count at least one out of five grocery carts contain flowers and plants. That is something that no other retailer carries. Meccia-Vogt noted that not everyone is seen wheeling plants and flowers throughout the store in their carts.

Fun Fact

The Carnations and Baby’s Breath Edition podcast’s Episode 13 mentioned that carnations and baby’s breath were two of the most popular plant products.

My prolonged visit to a place in Central Texas confirmed that view. In order to make room for the upcoming round of fresh-from-the-grower types to set up shop and impress visitors, monsteras, succulents, and a plethora of roses popped out from most carts roaming the store.

But if you don’t receive the leafy plant you want on your subsequent visit, don’t worry: Every day of the week, fresh flower and plant deliveries are sent to Trader Joe’s, according to the podcast.

Trader Joe’s purports to carry tiny plants.

I want at LEAST three of Trader Joe’s cutest small hanging plants—mini hanging plants, if you will!

It’s widely known. I kill every green thing, despite my best efforts to cultivate them all. Dead.

purchase of a tomato plant. Dead. purchased a variety of herbs. Dead. Eggplant? The thing only lasted a week.

I also made a large financial investment in the succulent frenzy. Those are invulnerable, right? WRONG. Dead.

However, Trader Joe’s currently sells miniature hanging plants that you can hang in your window for a very low price, making it nearly irrelevant that I kill everything green I come into contact with.

Trader Joe’s is now my go-to place for unusual plants; they usually have the BEST collection of oddball small plants to use as houseplants.

I visit every year to check out the vegetation in front of the store, and they never let me down.

There, I have purchased a wide variety of miniature succulent plants. I also purchased this crispy wave plant, which is meant to clean the air. It was very cool in many ways.

It naturally ended up as compost, just like all my other lovely flora, but while it was there, it was lovely!

Just in case you believe Trader Joe’s is the issue when it comes to my dead plants, I kill all plants in the same manner.

Trader Joe’s carries little hanging plants for a reasonable price, so I can learn taking care of some greens there without going over budget.

You can’t beat spending less than $5 on one hanging plant, for example.

Similar to the little succulent plants they had the previous year, each one comes in a white ceramic container.

They have a tiny metal hanging hook as well as a rustic rope thread for hanging.

To hang these adorables, there’s no need to visit Home Depot!

To prevent overwatering these adorable babies, I wish these planters had holes in the porcelain at the bottom.

Drilling a few holes in the ceramic pot’s base would greatly aid in preventing the plants from being waterlogged. If anyone were to overwater them, it would be ME.

For little than $5, you can get your own miniature hanging plants at Trader Joe’s. Today, go grab one or five!

Do they offer plants at Trader Joe’s?

While we (of course) love all the frozen and dried goods Trader Joe’s has to offer, the plant and flower area is one of the nicest features of the cult-favorite supermarket. Their seasonal flowers are significantly less expensive than stems you’d get elsewhere, and with a little skill, you can design a completely unique arrangement for any occasion. But what else, besides florals? Those plants

With their wide range of reasonably priced plants, Trader Joe’s assortment is impossible to go wrong. They truly have something for everyone, from houseplants and herbs to seasonal flowers and container gardens. The pricing alone make it worthwhile to visit your local store to check it out, even though the selection may change based on the area and time of year (for example, succulents in the summer and miniature pine trees in the winter). If you’re looking for anything specific, it’s worthwhile to follow one or two Instagram accounts like this one or this one that provide updates on all the new plant stock (yes, they do exist).

Are there any plants at ALDI?

The range of plants available at Aldi this week is perfect for those wishing to brighten up their gardens and balconies before the summer.

You may discover everything from Fuschias and Geraniums to climbing plants and essentials for hanging baskets, satisfying every aesthetic preference.

Aldi is making our summer gardens more inexpensive than ever with climbing plants starting at just $1.35.

A plant broker is what?

Brokers are, to put it simply, re-wholesalers. Brokerage is a common method of doing business for smaller farmers like Henry’s since it reduces their workload. When working with minor consumers in various regions of the country, the brokers take care of the purchase and shipping while also providing some assurances regarding their creditworthiness. Of course, the broker charges a fee for this assistance, which raises the price of the plants.

I can confirm that Henry’s is one of my neighborhood suppliers and that it is a VERY tiny business that is ill-equipped to deal with a huge number of consumers spread out throughout the nation. Heck, during the peak season, the GM even operates the delivery truck!