Top Five Hanging House Plants

For those with limited floor or tabletop space, a hanging house plant can bring beauty and life to your room. As long as you have a sturdy hook attached to a support beam or stud in your home, you can hang a house plant easily. Below is a list of the five hanging house plants to grow in your home:

Spider Plant

Everyone and their grandmother has a spider plant. These hanging house plants are very easy to grow in many conditions. While they prefer some sun, they also thrive in low light situations. Spider plants have long, ribbon-like leaves that are white rimmed in vibrant green. The leaves will cascade over the edge of any hanging house plant pot.

The spider plant also makes long stems with small spider plant babies on them regularly. It is an easy hanging house plant to propagate. Simply snip off one of the baby plants and pot it or start its roots in a cup of water.


The gynura family of plants features both high growing and hanging, or trailing, varieties. They are also called “Velvet Plant” because they have soft leaves. The hanging house plant type, purple passion vine, has deep green and purple, lobed leaves on long stems. It needs bright sun and will lose some of its color if it is not bright enough.


The Hoyas are also called wax plants because they have very thick, waxy leaves. Hoyas come in many different varieties of hanging house plants. Some types are pale green with large flat leaves, others have pale pink and white leaves on long trailing stems. This hanging house plant will attract a lot of interest in your home.

Boston Fern

These are the types of hanging house plants you see most frequently. They have long fern fronds that will spread over the edges of any hanging pot. Boston ferns like sun in the winter and shade in the summer and moderate watering.

Inch Plant

This hanging house plant is very attractively colored. The stems of this trailing plant are pale green or white. The surface of the leaves is green and silver striped, while the undersides are bright purple. This hanging house plant grows quickly and will propagate easily in dirt or plain water.

Growing hanging house plants in your home is fun. They provide a large amount of visual interest to any corner or window space. Hanging house plants look good over tables and other furniture, and do not take up precious tabletop or shelf space. These top five hanging house plants will be sure to decorate your home beautifully.