House Plants With Healing Properties

Putting plants in your house is a great idea. But having plant life that heals is even better.

Ever since logged time, different shrubs and flowers in houses have been exhausted to heal us of the many aches and pains we may get throughout our daily lives. Whether you cultivate your plants indoors or out on the piazza, plant life that heals can be very handy.

With that being said, before consuming or using any of these plants for healing purposes, be sure to consult your physician beforehand to make certain you won’t have any medication interactions with drugs you may be required to take. You must also be cautious giving kids or animals any of this foliage as they may react differently.

Without further ado, here are certain house plants with healing properties that you can grow:

Aloe Vera

It’s well known that Aloe Vera is great for burns. But did you know that you can find at least a dozen or so additional applications for this simple to grow houseplant?

In addition to comforting injuries on the skin, Aloe Vera has other contemporary uses. It helps to heal sun burns, make skin smoother and gives skin a revitalized look. Aloe Vera consumed internally can be tapped as a purgative and aids in relieving IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in certain people. It also cuts cholesterol and diminishes blood sugar.

English Ivy

English Ivy has a unique ability to eliminate pollutants from the atmosphere. It is sometimes used in the purging of poisons from homes such as formaldehyde.


Chrysanthemums have various remedial properties. Making a drink from the florae of this shrub can benefit people by lowering their body temperatures. Traditionally, the Chinese use it frequently to battle the everyday cold. Other applications for Chrysanthemum are relieving dizziness, hypertension, and angina.


You can trace the origins of Lavender to the Mediterranean region. The soothing purgative aroma of lavender has the influence to contest pressure and nervousness.

Desiccate the flowers and leaves of this fragrant houseplant and pack it into pouches. These pouches can be slipped into drawers and cupboards to offer your household a fragrantly enjoyable, passive odor.


These yellow blossoms are laden with benefits. Marigolds placed in jars in your house will be valuable for numerous purposes. For example, marigold tea could assist with reproductive problems such as periods, discomforts and menopause assistance. It can also serve as an astringent and antibacterial agent for scratches and lacerations.