Exotic House Plants As Home Decor

Exotic plants are often associated with those that are strange, if not weird, and may at times look chaotic. If you try to mix that with the straight and clean lines with domesticity, it seems like it would never really look good together. But still people find ways to bend rules and thus come up with exotic house plants…

Indoor Trees

The Ming aralia is a perennial more commonly found in India and Polynesia. These exotic house plants make a good tree inside the house. One species of the plant, the Polyscias fruticosa, is very popular for its hanging undergrowth.

The Ming aralia has dark green leaves that may grow up to four inches long. Its oval shaped leaves are arranged in a zigzag manner thus making the plant’s appearance look great and ideal for ornamentation. The plant could also grow up to seven or eight feet in height but grows slowly. It does not require too much attention except for having moist soil and enough sunlight.

Eye Candy” Plants

There are some exotic house plants that could give a splash of color for any room. A polka dot plant, originally from Madagascar, looks just like a regular perennial only that it has pink all over it. There are hybrids of the plant being developed, so it has become very popular as exotic house plants. It also does not need too much care – it is very easy to cultivate and could grow up to three feet.

A lot of people say that these exotic house plants look awkward as time goes by. To get the bushes back, you may pinch the longer roots so that your plants would look just as great as before.

Plants Associated With Healthy Living

Aside from being used as ornaments around the house, there are some exotic house plants that could serve other purposes, particularly to promote a healthy living, as well. Peace lilies, known for its white flowers, are also used as an air purifier. It helps in removing solvents thus it is a popular d├ęcor in malls and offices.

Peace lilies do not need as much light as plants would normally have and they can still grow flowers without them. These exotic house plants must be watered at room temperature and must be placed in a big pot.

Scary Exotic Plants!

There are times when we would associate exotic items to be strange and, sometimes, even scary. There is actually one plant that can get pretty scary with the fact that it is carnivorous. These exotic house plants, called the Cobra Lily, fortunately feed only of bugs and other small insects. They do this to make up for all the nutrients that are not found in the soil.

Cobra lilies can grow up to four feet and need to be placed in big pots to give room for its huge root system. They also need to have a constant flow of cool water in their roots. If you have one, make sure you never let their roots dry out. Also, you do not need to give bugs to your cobra lily – if you do, get them some every six weeks.