Do Indoor Plant Pots Really Need Saucers?

Indoor plants need to be cared for in order not only survive, but flourish. One of the most important aspects you can keep an eye on when caring for your indoor plant is drainage. So it makes sense that good containers will have holes at their bottom! 

But often people forget where all this extra water goes; luckily there’s a solution: saucers with wide surface area beneath them allow excess moisture flow without causing any harm or damage.

So, why do plant pots need saucers? Well to be honest they aren’t necessary. However most people use them anyway just in case any water spills onto their carpets or floors from watering and without a saucer you can easily end up with unwanted puddles on your nice clean surface!

Pots collect all that excess moisture after each time we give our plants some much-needed new rainwater. But if there are no absorbent surfaces nearby like these cute animal friends have then the drips will surely make things slippery at best (not forgetting about how uncomfortable it might get).

What Are Plant Saucers?

Plant saucers are an easy and cheap way to stop your plant from drowning in its own potting mix. They’re usually shallow, made out of ceramic or terracotta- they come with many different styles depending on what kind you have! 

Sometimes these dishes need replacing every now then but when everything is going well it’s like having another hand at gardening because no one can resist sinking their toes into soft soil again after being away for awhile. The scoop is designed to catch any water that spills, not just from your pool. 

This way you can keep plants away from drowning without having a saucer on hand for all of them to sit in

I use my landscaping tools like this one when I have flowers or other delicate greenery near my house that might get damaged if someone trips over them while walking. It’s great protection!

Benefits Of Using Saucers

Saucers are not just an added touch of decoration to your home, they can also provide some benefits for plants.

A good potting soil is essential for any house plant. Not only does it capture the excess water that would otherwise make your carpet wet, but also keeps plants healthy and happy by providing them with nutrients from topsoil or other sources in its composition!

A great way to get started extending the life of a dying potted flower? Get yourself some high quality potting mix – not just ordinary garden variety type stuff; this will have been specially designed so as not to let too much moisture escape during watering sessions (which can lead quickly down slippery slopes).

If you water your plants in the sink, make sure to avoid moving them around too much or else it could cause stress for their roots. A better alternative would be placing a saucer under each plant. 

So that they are well cushioned when moved from one place at home into another wetter environment like outside during summer months where temperatures may reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius).

You can provide your plants with the perfect environment by using stones to create humidity. If you want an area that’s humid, fill a small container with water and add some pebbles in it this will help increase the amount of moisture for any plant nearby!

Succulents are a great addition for any home. Not only do they make the perfect desk plant, but these plants also have an amazing decorative value with their size and shape! You can use succulent pots in your living room as well – just be sure to spruce them up using some of our selection from over here at The Cacti House.

Drawbacks Of Using Saucers

One of the few drawbacks with saucers is that they must be handled delicately, but there are plenty more reasons not to worry. It all comes down to how you use them and what kind  your pottery needs may be!

A great deal of uncertainty surrounds the use of saucers. Some experts will tell you that it is perfectly safe, while others claim otherwise because they can pool water and cause root rot to your plant over time which could eventually kill it!

Saucers make it easier to catch the water that usually spills all over your house and plants. They don’t hold enough for a full watering session, but catching what falls helps reduce wasted efforts as well!

 If there are any leftovers after you’re done with one saucer use them in another area of their plant’s potting soil so they can get caught without being saturated entirely from just sitting there on its own waiting for something else to throw out more liquid – this way nothing goes wasted either way around


Whether you’re looking for a simple way to keep your plants healthy and hydrated or just want an easy-to-clean surface, pots with saucers are the perfect addition to any home. With so many options available at local garden centers, it’s never been easier to find pots that match your style without sacrificing quality!