Where To Stay For Holland Tulip Festival

The Bollenstreek, or bulb district, is the greatest location to visit in the Netherlands if you want to enjoy the tulips.

Between Leiden, The Hague, and Haarlem is a region known as The Bollenstreek. The cities of Lisse, Hillegom, Katwijk, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout, and Teylingen are located in this region, and the flower industry is thriving there.

The Dutch town of Lisse is where you can also locate the Keukenhof. Although it is commercial, I nevertheless urge you to visit at least once in your lifetime. The park is truly a tulip heaven with over 7 million tulips!

Go to the countryside between Hillegom and Warmond to find more tranquil spots. Amazing flower fields can be found there. Rainbow-patterned flower fields are waiting, ranging in color from blue to white or stunningly purple to orange.

In other words, if you don’t mind paying, go to the Keukenhof; if you can’t afford it, go to the fields nearby. You can be sure that you’ll see lots of those lovely tulips with either of these alternatives!

When are the tulips in Amsterdam at their most beautiful?

From December to about May, tulips can be found in flower stores throughout Holland. These tulips are being grown in greenhouses rather than on flower fields. Tulip fields are not visible in December, January, or February. A tulip field in bloom in March is also extremely unusual but not impossible. The majority of visitors want to see the open tulip fields. April is the ideal time to view tulips in Holland. Mid-April to early May 2023 offers the best possibility of seeing the most picturesque tulip fields.

How Long Does Tulip Time Last?

Tulip Time is a festival that takes place every year for eight days, however depending on the weather, tulips can usually be viewed and enjoyed in Holland for several weeks before and after the festival. May 7–May 15 are the designated Tulip Time dates for 2022.

Where is Tulip Time?

The Holland Tulip Festival takes place all around the city and is not restricted to a single area. A 4-mile radius around downtown Holland contains the majority of activities and attractions.

How Much Does Tulip Time Cost?

The main event is free to attend and does not require a ticket to visit Holland or to explore or experience the area. Public parks and the streets in the city’s center are free places to admire tulips. You may find information about the costs involved with participating in some of the various events, performances, and attractions here.

Where Can I Park at the Tulip Time Festival?

Knowing where to park is helpful for any festival, especially the Tulip Time Festival. Although there is a parking map available, it’s best to choose the first spot you come across and stick with it. Wear comfy shoes because you’ll likely park and stroll.

Where Can I Stay During Holland’s Tulip Festival?

Being as near to the action as possible pays off at the Tulip Time Festival. Stay at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds during the event if you prefer a more conventional camping experience. This location includes capacity for tents, RVs, and trailers as well as contemporary restrooms.

There are several possibilities in and near Holland if you want to stay in a classic Holland Michigan hotel. The Courtyard by Marriott in the heart of Holland has complimentary Wi-Fi, a place to have breakfast, and business areas.

Additionally, the CityFlats Hotel provides contemporary hospitality requirements, such as a coffee shop and a lounge. Check out the hotel’s patio if you want to soak up the ambiance before going to the event.

Are There Any Good Restaurants in Holland Michigan?

With so many activities taking place during the festival, there’s a strong possibility you’ll get hungry. After a day of excitement, you may enjoy a fantastic lunch at one of the many local Holland restaurants.

  • Boatwerks offers a fantastic view of the sea, a nautical ambiance (the restaurant is designed to look like an old boat building factory), and delicious American cuisine.
  • If you’re looking for locally sourced craft beer, Our Brewing Company is the ideal place to get a drink.
  • The King’s Cove Deli is an excellent place to grab a handcrafted sandwich like a tuna melt or a Ruben or a speciality pizza.
  • A typical Irish pub with a combination of Irish and American cuisine, The Curragh is located in the heart of Holland. Additionally, it provides family-style takeout dinners that you may get on the move.

After spending the day at the festival, you can always visit one of the top wineries or breweries in Holland for a drink with friends.

What month is ideal for viewing tulips in Holland?

To view the tulips at their best, visit The Netherlands in the middle of April. The tulip growing season lasts from the end of March to the middle of May, but the blossoms are often at their peak in the middle of April. At the Keukenhof near Lisse, more than 7 million flower bulbs emerge in the spring. It is among the best locations to find a wide variety of tulips. To see the tulips in all their splendor in rural fields, though, you really just need to board a train or grab a bicycle at this time of year.

What distance do the tulips have to Amsterdam?

Where are the Dutch flower fields is one of the most often questioned queries. There are several places in the Netherlands where you may see tulips in the spring. Only 40 kilometers from the center of Amsterdam is the most well-known region with the most stunning flower fields: the area surrounding the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. The region is known as “Bollenstreek.”

Between the cities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, and The Hague, the Bollenstreek is situated behind the North Sea sand dunes. Numerous flower fields are covered in tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. The Bollenstreek is renowned for its views of the authentic Dutch countryside. which look stunning when combined with the colorful landscapes.

Which part of Amsterdam is the greatest for lodging?

Centrum is the ideal neighborhood to stay in if you’re a first-time visitor to Amsterdam. The majority of the city’s attractions, including Dam Square, the Royal Palace, the Anne Frank House Museum, The Oude Church, and the Red Light District, are located in Amsterdam Centrum, which is surrounded by the city’s “canal belt.” Some of Amsterdam’s top hotels are located in this historic downtown district.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by Train

The town of Lisse, where the Keukenhof Gardens are situated, lacks a railroad station. To get to the gardens, you can opt to go to any of the surrounding train stations and then board the Keukenhof Express Bus.

in Haarlem

Take the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem Station; it takes, on average, 20 minutes and costs $4.50 one way. Take the Regional Bus Line 50 from Haarlem to go to the gardens.


Take the train, which typically takes 35 minutes, from Amsterdam Centraal to Leiden Centraal (one-way ticket costs €9,60). The Keukenhof Express Bus Line 854 will transport you to the gardens from Leiden.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Bus

Using a Combi-Ticket, which provides fast track access to the Keukenhof Gardens as well as round-trip transportation in an AC coach, is the ideal method to take a direct bus from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. From Amsterdam Central Station, take the bus.

It is necessary to take a connecting bus to Hoofdorp, Amsterdam RAI, or Schiphol before boarding a Keukenhof Express Bus since there is no direct public transportation from Amsterdam to Lisse.

  • From Amsterdam City Center, take bus route 397 (Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum, Museumplein)
  • From Amsterdam Zuid Station, take bus route 341
  • 300 bus line
  • from the bus station in Amstelveen

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Car

It takes roughly 40 minutes to get to Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam (Amsterdam Central). It is an easy journey and perfect for a quick road trip; you can also utilize the automobile to travel through Bollenstreek’s countryside. The cost to park a car is $6.

  • Address for the Keukenhof Gardens is Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM, Lisse.
  • The GPS coordinates for the Keukenhof Garden are “52.271256 4.546365.”

When leaving Amsterdam, you must go on the A4 Highway and exit at the Nieuw-Vennep exit for the Leimuiderweg/N207. Approximately 10 kilometers of driving will get you to Loosterweg Noord, which is close to the gardens.

Walking or Biking to Keukenhof

The best way to appreciate Keukenhof, which is situated in the Bollenstreek region and offers lovely rural views, is to take a leisurely stroll or ride a bicycle through it. The fact that you don’t have to worry about missing a bus back to Amsterdam means that you can visit the garden early in the morning or late at night.

A couple hotels in Lisse are within your price range and are the best options for getting to Keukenhof Park on foot.

The nearby regions, which have excellent motels, are ideal for bicycling to Keukenhof.

  • 12 km from Keukenhof to Noordwijk seaside village with access to beaches that is idyllic
  • Hoofdorp
  • Amsterdamse Bos Park is located in a canal-side municipality 15 kilometers from Keukenhof.
  • Keukenhof is 15 kilometers away in Haarlem, a city with a historical core, galleries, and tulip fields.

By the Keukenhof Express Bus

The designated bus for taking guests to the Keukenhof Gardens is the Keukenhof Express Bus. There are four lines that will get you to the Keukenhof Gardens immediately.

  • From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, take bus route 858 (Aprox. Travel time35 minutes)
  • From Amsterdam RAI, bus line 852 (Aprox. Travel time35 minutes)
  • From Hoofddorp, take bus route 859 (Aprox. Travel time22 minutes)
  • From Leiden, take bus route 854 (Aprox. Travel time25 minutes)

On Buses 858, 859, and 854, a single one-way ticket costs $5; on Buses 852 it costs $7.

You are welcome to bring your small dogs on board with you, and the buses are accessible for wheelchair users.