Where To See Tulips In Amsterdam

The numerous markets in Amsterdam that are brimming with flowers in the spring are a strong indication of the Dutch people’s affection for plants and flowers. One of Amsterdam’s top tourist destinations is the floating flower market on Singel, or Bloemenmarkt, which features kiosks floating on the canal filled with tulip and other flower bulbs. Be a little wary, though, as some stores sell bulbs that don’t resemble the image that’s been advertised or simply won’t bloom. Look for large, solid buds rather than mushy or squishy ones. There are flower markets all across Amsterdam, especially in the spring, so the Bloemenmarkt isn’t the only place to find them.

Where in Amsterdam can you see tulips the best?

Where are the Dutch flower fields is one of the most often questioned queries. There are several places in the Netherlands where you may see tulips in the spring. Only 40 kilometers from the center of Amsterdam is the most well-known region with the most stunning flower fields: the area surrounding the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. The region is known as “Bollenstreek.”

Between the cities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, and The Hague, the Bollenstreek is situated behind the North Sea sand dunes. Numerous flower fields are covered in tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. The Bollenstreek is renowned for its views of the authentic Dutch countryside. which look stunning when combined with the colorful landscapes.

Where can I find free tulip viewing in Amsterdam?

Here are some more free tulip fields in the Netherlands for you to enjoy if you’re looking for more locations to take advantage of the tulip bounty.

Tulips in Amsterdam

It’s likely that if you’re visiting the Netherlands for the first time, you’ll end up in Amsterdam.

The city does grow tulips in designated areas in honor of its annual tulip festival, which is held during the entire month of April, even if there aren’t any enormous, “far as the eye can see fields of tulips running through the city (one could hope, right?).

With over 80 participating venues, your chances of finding a display or two are good, but you can get a complete list on the festival’s website by clicking here.

  • The Museum of Van Gogh
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Exhibit Van Loon
  • Vondelpark
  • The Tulip Museum of Amsterdam

PS: The renowned Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) is another great place to get your fill of tulips, however I must admit that I don’t particularly enjoy how touristy it is.

Cycling the The Flower Strip

The Flower Strip, a funny name they’ve given the highway from Haarlem to Leiden, is another option to enjoy free tulip fields in the Netherlands.

There are signposted routes that, according to what I’ve heard, are fairly foolproof that take you past all the vibrant tulip fields you’ve always imagined over this 35 kilometer stretch of level terrain.

Many choose to take this trip beginning in Haarlem, which is about 20 minutes by rail from Amsterdam, while taking the route only in part is also an option (see below).

The free tulip fields around Keukenhof and Lisse

Here’s another lazy option if you don’t feel like cycling the full Flower Strip.

There are many stunning, vast tulip fields nearby Keukenhof that are free for you to admire. You can take public transportation to Keukenhof, rent bikes there, and then set off on one of the four clearly indicated cycling paths to see various fields.

Remember not to cycle through the fields destroying everything in your path if you lose all sense of reason. Respect the boundaries, refrain from trespassing, and exercise caution when taking pictures.

Free Tulip Fields in Kop van Noord-Holland

The location of the largest flower bulb field in the world and where many residents allegedly choose to go tulip hunting on their own.

This beautiful region, which can be reached by train from Amsterdam and is located north of the city, is home to beaches, cute tiny towns (like everywhere else in the Netherlands), and lots of flowers.

When are the tulips in Amsterdam at their most beautiful?

From December to about May, tulips can be found in flower stores throughout Holland. These tulips are being grown in greenhouses rather than on flower fields. Tulip fields are not visible in December, January, or February. A tulip field in bloom in March is also extremely unusual but not impossible. The majority of visitors want to see the open tulip fields. April is the ideal time to view tulips in Holland. Mid-April to early May 2023 offers the best possibility of seeing the most picturesque tulip fields.

How do you envision Amsterdam’s tulip fields?

Option 1: Take the bus to Keukenhof and then stroll for free through the tulip fields in the Netherlands close by.

  • Step 1 is to take a train to Schiphol Airport and then leave the airport.
  • Purchase a one-way ticket to Keukenhof in step two (the bus station)
  • Step 3: Alight at Keukenhof and go on foot till you come across some lovely Dutch fields.

In Amsterdam, how long do tulips last?

To view the tulips at their best, visit The Netherlands in the middle of April. The tulip growing season lasts from the end of March to the middle of May, but the blossoms are often at their peak in the middle of April. At the Keukenhof near Lisse, more than 7 million flower bulbs emerge in the spring. It is among the best locations to find a wide variety of tulips. To see the tulips in all their splendor in rural fields, though, you really just need to board a train or grab a bicycle at this time of year.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by Train

The town of Lisse, where the Keukenhof Gardens are situated, lacks a railroad station. To get to the gardens, you can opt to go to any of the surrounding train stations and then board the Keukenhof Express Bus.

in Haarlem

Take the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem Station; it takes, on average, 20 minutes and costs $4.50 one way. Take the Regional Bus Line 50 from Haarlem to go to the gardens.


Take the train, which typically takes 35 minutes, from Amsterdam Centraal to Leiden Centraal (one-way ticket costs €9,60). The Keukenhof Express Bus Line 854 will transport you to the gardens from Leiden.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Bus

Using a Combi-Ticket, which provides fast track access to the Keukenhof Gardens as well as round-trip transportation in an AC coach, is the ideal method to take a direct bus from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. From Amsterdam Central Station, take the bus.

It is necessary to take a connecting bus to Hoofdorp, Amsterdam RAI, or Schiphol before boarding a Keukenhof Express Bus since there is no direct public transportation from Amsterdam to Lisse.

  • From Amsterdam City Center, take bus route 397 (Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum, Museumplein)
  • From Amsterdam Zuid Station, take bus route 341
  • 300 bus line
  • from the bus station in Amstelveen

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Car

It takes roughly 40 minutes to get to Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam (Amsterdam Central). It is an easy journey and perfect for a quick road trip; you can also utilize the automobile to travel through Bollenstreek’s countryside. The cost to park a car is $6.

  • Address for the Keukenhof Gardens is Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM, Lisse.
  • The GPS coordinates for the Keukenhof Garden are “52.271256 4.546365.”

When leaving Amsterdam, you must go on the A4 Highway and exit at the Nieuw-Vennep exit for the Leimuiderweg/N207. Approximately 10 kilometers of driving will get you to Loosterweg Noord, which is close to the gardens.

Walking or Biking to Keukenhof

The best way to appreciate Keukenhof, which is situated in the Bollenstreek region and offers lovely rural views, is to take a leisurely stroll or ride a bicycle through it. The fact that you don’t have to worry about missing a bus back to Amsterdam means that you can visit the garden early in the morning or late at night.

A couple hotels in Lisse are within your price range and are the best options for getting to Keukenhof Park on foot.

The nearby regions, which have excellent motels, are ideal for bicycling to Keukenhof.

  • 12 km from Keukenhof to Noordwijk seaside village with access to beaches that is idyllic
  • Hoofdorp
  • Amsterdamse Bos Park is located in a canal-side municipality 15 kilometers from Keukenhof.
  • Keukenhof is 15 kilometers away in Haarlem, a city with a historical core, galleries, and tulip fields.

By the Keukenhof Express Bus

The designated bus for taking guests to the Keukenhof Gardens is the Keukenhof Express Bus. There are four lines that will get you to the Keukenhof Gardens immediately.

  • From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, take bus route 858 (Aprox. Travel time35 minutes)
  • From Amsterdam RAI, bus line 852 (Aprox. Travel time35 minutes)
  • From Hoofddorp, take bus route 859 (Aprox. Travel time22 minutes)
  • From Leiden, take bus route 854 (Aprox. Travel time25 minutes)

On Buses 858, 859, and 854, a single one-way ticket costs $5; on Buses 852 it costs $7.

You are welcome to bring your small dogs on board with you, and the buses are accessible for wheelchair users.

Is a trip to Keukenhof worthwhile?

A day excursion to the Keukenhof Gardens and the Tulip Fields of Lisse is a must if you’re in Amsterdam in April. The “combi-ticket” is the ideal way to take advantage of the adventure.

This covers both transportation (you must board a ferry to get to the bus that will take you to Keukenhof) and your admission ticket (which includes skipping the line function).

Here are the prices.

Aside from driving, you should be aware that there is no direct public transportation from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. There is plenty of parking near the grounds, and the drive takes around 25 minutes.

Last but not least, be sure to look into this ticket if you wish to purchase a combi-ticket (transportation and skip-the-line entry ticket to Keukenhof) and a canal cruise at the same time.

Where else except Keukenhof can I view tulips?

Without going to the Keukenhof, this is most likely one of the most well-known locations to see tulips. The majority of the tulip fields are concentrated in the areas of Lisse, Hillegom, and Noordwijkerhout, which are midway between Leiden and Haarlem. Due to its proximity to the Keukenhof, this location is very popular with tourists; therefore, if you’re looking for a more sedate outing, this may not be the best choice.

Though it is a good idea to cycle or walk about this area if you are just visiting. You may explore the tulip region by bicycle on a number of different routes. It’s also not too difficult to get there; all it takes is a 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam!