Where To Order Peonies Online

Order some of our gorgeous peonies right away! By developing farm-to-doorstep bouquet delivery, The Bouqs Co. revolutionized the flower industry. As a result, your flowers won’t arrive two weeks after being cut because we cut out the middlemen. Our flowers are cut, then we send them directly to your recipient. Your flowers will brighten any area far longer than flowers from the grocery store thanks to this approach.

What is the price of real peonies?

Generally speaking, peonies cost more than roses. When it comes to cost, The Enchanted Florist and Flirty Fleurs rank peonies higher than roses. Peonies are priced (wholesale) at roughly $3 to $9 per stem according to ValuePenguin, but garden roses are priced at about $4 to $7 per stem. This split is not always accurate, though, as expenses can differ greatly based on a number of variables.

When should I place a peony order?

a brief response? Sometimes. most of the time, perhaps! During its brief local growing season, you can find these fresh blossoms at your local farmer’s market for a reasonable price, but flower retailers impose large markups.

Keep in mind that late April through June is the typical growing season. The best time of the year to buy peony bouquets is now and always will be.

Quick Tip: Although you’ll pay quite a premium, florists can frequently find peony flowers all year long. They can be flown and transported anywhere as a cut bloom because the growing season differs around the globe! The ideal months in the US to book them are May and June if you need them for a wedding or impending event.

Can you send peonies?

To get your peony from our hands to your doorstep in the quickest amount of time possible, we have worked with FedEx and UPS to achieve significant discounts on Priority Overnight service. Each box is manually packed, and to keep your stems cool during transit, the padding and frozen gel ice packs are used to fasten the stems. To avoid the box being too warm while being transported through town on the delivery truck, if you are receiving your peonies in a really hot region, we recommend picking them up at the nearest FedEx or UPS location. Even though our carriers generally do a fantastic job, delays with boxes do happen. If this occurs, we will work with the carrier representatives to quickly find and deliver the box or, if necessary, ship a new box.

Unless otherwise specified in a contract between the Customer and Alaska Peony Cooperative, we need prepayment on all orders. Payments may be done by phone or by entering your financial details on the website linked to the invoice that was sent to you through email. Only the processing and use of credit card numbers is permitted by our Privacy Policy. If the check arrives and clears the bank within 14 days of the order’s ship date, payment may also be made by bank transfer or check.

Peonies can be purchased all year round.

Peonies are also excellent for creating an exotic effect, especially the Coral Charm type. This coral beauty will form a stunning bouquet when combined with a variety of yellows and vivid pinks.

One of the most crucial things to understand about peony is that they are, regrettably, not available all year round (which is probably what makes us love them all the more).

In actuality, they are normally only offered from May through August (in the UKoften from Spring in the US).

As a result, peonies may occasionally cost a little bit more than other flower types, and some brides have even been known to organize their entire wedding around peony season!

What do péonies represent?

One of the most adored perennial flowers in the world is the peony. The beautiful peony, with its delicate petals and luxurious texture, is a flower that few others can match. They provide brightness and uplift to any garden or bouquet and have a great fragrance. In addition to being quite attractive, they are also rather low maintenance and have the ability to last for a very long time with little work.

The peony is full of meaning in addition to appearing gorgeous and enduring the test of time. The peony is historically offered on important occasions as a token of goodwill, best wishes, and joy. It is typically indicative of love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty.

But did you know that the many hues of peony stand for various emotions? Keep in mind that these particular meanings are connected to individual colors if you want to offer peonies for any occasion. When selecting the ideal configuration for the situation, these details will point you in the proper path.

The white peony inspires a reserved kind of appeal since it is timeless, delicately elegant, and unquestionably classy. For this reason, we designed The Pearl, a monochromatic white peony bouquet. It is a stunning blossom that commands attention at first sight for its romantic appeal and fills any space with an air of breezy, beachy nonchalance. The white peony is unparalleled in its modest regality and is a symbol of enduring beauty. They naturally blend in wonderfully with bridal bouquets, are fantastic complements to summertime windowsill arrangements, and give contrasting flowers a lovely contrast.

It’s interesting to note that the white peony is also associated with regret and timidity. Giving white peonies is one method to express regret for wrongdoing you may have done, ask for forgiveness, and demonstrate your sincere understanding of your error. This is a heartfelt apology that is well-considered, truly meaningful, and sincere.

Light pink is one of the most popular hues for peonies. Blush tones are often considered romantic, lucky, and prosperous. They are delicate and soft. Light pink peonies are a charming alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary celebration, but they are not only for lovers. The radiant, delicate pink peony is another excellent flower to include in a Mother’s Day bouquet, whether used alone or in combination with other blooms to create a heartfelt, richly textured bouquet. The Peony, one of our bouquets, is a traditional and timeless design that works for any event.

Wedding bouquets frequently contain pale pink peonies. They are ideal for maids of honor and bridesmaids since they give a subtle flash of color to the ensemble. The soft pastel colour harmonizes with the colors frequently utilized in spring and summer wedding celebrations. Additionally, they are great accents to wedding centerpieces used outside. They don’t have a dramatic or gloomy tone, but they do inspire a sense of ethereal, understated beauty that is ideal for a rustic, ethereal, or outdoor-themed event.

Hot pink peonies, on the other hand, are noticeably bolder, more striking, and more sincere in their intentions. A hot pink garment can instantly evoke drama and passion because to its more intense hue. This shade of peonies is frequently linked to enticement, charm, and intense adoration. Despite being a sign of romance, due to its upbeat tint, it may also be used to represent enthusiasm, excitement, and shine.

The hot pink peony is a stunning option for so many occasions because of its inherent adaptability. These flowers are shown in their brightest state in our arrangement, The Sunburst. It acts as the centerpiece of the setting and draws the eye inward, making it a bold and eye-catching addition to a wedding centerpiece. It’s also a considerate substitute for a pink rose, particularly if you’re attempting to express your love and gratitude for someone and the significant part they play in your life. The hot pink peony is a lovely accent to a young graduate’s congratulations bouquet or a sweet sixteen party arrangement because it has a youthful vitality.

Red is the color of intensity, drama, passion, and rage. If you want to show your truest love for someone, such as your spouse or lover, there is simply no other hue that comes close to matching those qualities. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just because, the red peony is a wonderful replacement for the traditional red rose. If you want to surprise your special someone with a romantic supper, place it in the middle of the table. If you want to prepare for a memorable night, scatter a few peony petals around the bedroom. Due to the rich and intriguing color’s deep symbolism, there are many options.

Red peonies, though, aren’t just for lovers. Additionally, this color stands for reverence, honor, bounty, and richness. In that sense, it has a great deal of significance. In truth, Chinese royalty liked the common peony, and they frequently used it to decorate their gardens and balconies with color and personality. Red is a color that is associated with monarchy in China, hence it was this shade that was most frequently seen in regal settings.

What is more energizing and cheery than a yellow flower? Few flowers can match the exquisite yellow peony’s brightness. It represents fresh begins, new beginnings, and blank slates. Yellow peonies can be given as a housewarming present, to wish someone success as they start a new job, to acknowledge their contributions at a retirement party, or simply because they bring you so much delight.

The variety of colors of yellow that are available makes the yellow peony beautiful. To welcome a new season or to brighten up the house after a thorough spring cleaning, you might choose a lighter, sunnier type. For an outdoor wedding, you might choose for a brighter, more golden tone to capture the essence of the season. To congratulate someone well and show how proud you are of their accomplishments, you can choose a refreshing lemon. Almost no occasion is inappropriate for receiving a yellow peony.

The peony has been grown for millennia and is a source of rich symbolism and meaning. The common flower is incredibly popular in today’s society because of its decorative appeal as well as its historical associations with royalty. Because it comes in so many hues, you can be sure that there is a suitable peony for any occasion in your life. It is deserving of any memorable moment, no matter how big or tiny.

We don’t currently have any peonies in stock, but on November 8 we’ll have new peony bouquets available!

Do peonies come from Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s offers much more than just 2-Buck Chuck and a fantastic range of frozen foods. Every month, new and delicious TJ’s finds are delivered, making them excellent for all of your snacking requirements.

Fresh flowers like the peonies that are back in stock should also be on your list from the grocery store. They’re now on our list of items you ought to only purchase from Trader Joe’s.

Which peony is the most stunning?

It is challenging to select a favorite peony. There are some instantly identifiable powerhouse names, such as Sarah Bernhardt and Kansas, that send shivers down your spine as you anticipate their time-tested beauty. However, learning about the beauty of less well-known kinds like Moonstone and Jacorma will leave you speechless and yearning of the day you can touch them in your hands once more.

Most Requested, Instantly Recognizable and Supremely Reliable

  • Bernhardt, Sarah Since she is widely grown and adored all over the world, this peony probably doesn’t even require an introduction. Since 1906 (Lemoine), Sarah Bernhardt has been a beloved peony and one of the most trustworthy cut flowers available. She is dependable in the field and has a long vase life. Even after drying, this peony still works well and keeps its distinctive pink hue. Her dependability and capacity for success in a range of contexts make her a favorite among florists. The preferred pink peony of your grandmother has quite large, light to medium pink blooms that are gently scented. For the BONUS DISCOUNT CODE to use on our online store’s most popular peony, Sarah Bernhardt, keep reading!

Secondly, Duchesse de Nemours The Duchesse de Nemours, known as the “Queen of White Peonies,” provides a bloom form and smell to which all other white peonies are held in comparison. The enormous, creamy white guard petals and distinctive aroma, which is reminiscent of excellent perfume, are possibly the most adored characteristics. Buttermilk yellow light emanates from the base of the inner, ruffled petals of the double, globe-shaped flowers, which are creamy white overall. tight, little buds that flower swiftly and have an opening diameter of 4-6 inches. This heirloom cultivar has a large, extraordinarily fragrant bloom and is more than 150 years old.

Kansas 3. The American Home Achievement Medal and the American Peony Society Gold Medal were given to Kansas in 1942 and 1957, respectively, after it made its triumphant debut in 1940. Due to its brilliant and effervescent brilliance, Kansas has been regarded to as the crown jewel of peonies and is frequently featured in pictures. Because it lasts a long time in vases, floral designers enjoy it, and many people adore it for its vibrant color. Large, double rose-shaped blooms with a deep fuchsia hue that ranges from raspberry to watermelon are a popular choice for adding a strong punch of color to arrangements. The Kansas bud harvest stage differs noticeably from other stages. It requires a skilled farmer’s touch to time the harvest correctly because it must be cut at a much softer stage than most other types for it to fully blossom in the vase.

Festiva Maxima 4. Since 1851, both amateur gardeners and commercial producers have favored this well-known white peony because it sets the bar for perfection. This flamboyant variety has endured the test of time for good reason; it possesses all the qualities we look for in a peony, including fluffy, fragrant blossoms with long stems that linger both in the yard and in vases. A huge, loosely formed, all-white bloom that is totally double and fully developed, with a few red flecks on some inner petal tips. The enormous, tightly packed buds swiftly expand to an average diameter of 6 to 9 inches and have a potent, enduring aroma. A rare gift loved by a select few, a trace of blush in some blossoms is not unusual in chilly growing areas!

Red Charm 5. The benchmark red peony used to compare all other red peonies. Red Charm is a bomb-shaped bloom with large guard petals encircling a soft ball of ruffled petals at its center. Its color is frequently characterized as a deep crimson or merlot. Red Charm, which Glasscock first released in 1944, received the Gold Medal from the American Peony Society in 1956. It is challenging to surpass “Red Charm” for the field, vase, and exhibition because this peony is well recognized and adored all over the world.

Lesser Known Gems That You Won’t Forget

First Jacorma This huge bloom has many ruffled petals and a dark pink color that does not deteriorate with age. It also has a subtle, alluring aroma. a late-bloomer with a massive bud that opens into a massive bloom. Born in the Netherlands, the name is an acronym for the DeVroomen family’s Dutch names Jan, Cor, and Marie.

Marie Lemoine, 2. A stunning white peony with stamens tucked inside the petals giving off a honey golden light. A delicate, agreeable scent to go with the huge bloom on the strong, sturdy stem. On occasion, the inner petals’ edges will develop a delicate scarlet edge. This cultivar resembles a very huge Duchesse de Nemours when in bud form. An excellent late-season bloomer that was worth the wait. By Calot, in 1869, Marie Lemoine was created in France.

3. My Heart

When brides and floral designers think of blush peonies, they picture this treasure. My Love originally hit the market in 1992, and ever since then, it has been hailed as a brilliant debut. Many people have described this flower as having a mother-of-pearl flush when it first opens, fading over time to become completely white. Elegant long stems and lustrous green leaves make it a good choice for arrangements and large-scale constructions. The big, full flowers emit a delicate scent. My Love is a lovely, passionate flower.

Paul M. Wild 4.

This large, totally double, ruby red peony has silky blossoms, keeps its color for the duration of the vase life, and has a wonderful smell. Although it is a deep red, the overall hue is more raspberry than burgundy. The totally double bloom and smooth, tulip-shaped bud of Paul M Wild make it a very appealing addition to your garden and vase.

Pecher 5.

The most fragrant varieties of double form peonies typically come from Pecher, who doesn’t let you down. One of the most fragrant and enjoyable peony a grower will ever have the pleasure of experiencing is this one. When left to flower on the bush, the bloom, which is sometimes characterized as light pink or blush, gradually fades to a near-white color as it ages. The inner petals of Pecher occasionally have exquisite brilliant pink speckling. Under the countless layers of delicate petals, semi-double seed pods with pink tips can be seen. This type is a wonderful addition to the collection of any peony aficionado because of the huge color range brought on by several bloom stages, the unique smell, and the lengthy flowering season. It is not unusual for Pecher to have flowers from early to late in the traditional peony bloom season.

On the basis of attractiveness alone, it is impossible to choose a preferred peony variety. However, by taking into account a few elements like the planting location, the growth environment, the characteristics that are most desirable to the grower, and the intended purpose of the peony flower, we may reduce the number of possibilities. Our farmers are ready to assist you choose the best variety to suit your needs, whether you desire a special variety in a striking color that might only last a few days or a robust standard that can withstand a variety of summer weather conditions.

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