What Makes Blue Roses Animal Crossing

Purchase the upcoming Nook’s Cranny offers three types of roses: red rose, white rose, and yellow rose.

Breed the following combinations to produce Purple and Orange Roses: White Purple = White Red Orange + Yellow Use only flowers grown from store-bought seeds!

To produce Hybrid Reds, breed the Purple and Orange Roses you raised in [Step 2]. OrangePurple = Red (Hybrid)

Together, breed the Hybrid Reds you raised in [Step 4]. Red (Hybrid) Blue + Red (Hybrid) Make certain that the Reds you’re using were bred utilizing the methodology described in [Step 3]!

Roses Must Be Grown From Seeds

Only red (hybrid) roses can be crossed to produce blue flowers. Planting white, red, and yellow roses on your island is a good place to start. These are best purchased as seeds and are offered by Nook’s Cranny!

Seeds Change Every Day

Every day, the seed catalog of Nook’s Cranny is updated. You can either wait until they’re available or ask a friend to bring some if they don’t have Rose seeds for sale that day.

Plant Roses In Separate Areas

White roses should be placed on the left, and red and yellow ones on the right. Be careful not to combine them!

Red and Yellow Rose seeds should not be planted together with White Rose seeds. Take extreme care to prevent them from mingling and encroaching on one other’s space. It would be wise to erect a fence to keep them apart.

White Rose x White Rose = Purple Rose

You must interbreed two White Roses to produce a Purple Rose. Take your time with this phase because you’ll want to collect lots of purples.

Yellow Rose x Red Rose = Orange Rose

By breeding a Yellow Rose and a Red Rose together, orange roses can be developed. You’ll need a lot of these, just as with the purples!

Relocate New Flowers

Your surgery will be more effective the more Purples and Oranges you have. As soon as one of them blossoms, instantly move it to a different location and begin working there!

Breed Purple & Orange To Get Red (Hybrid)

After your Orange and Purple Roses have developed, transfer them to a different location so they can produce Red (Hybrid) Roses. The only rose that can produce blue roses is this one.

ImportantHybrid Reds Are Different From Other Roses

Due to the fact that they are hybrids, these Reds are fundamentally distinct from conventional store-bought ones. They have the same outward appearance as regular ones, but their genetic makeup is very different. Do not confuse these with other red flowers because they are the only reds that may produce blue roses.

Get Rid Of Non-Reds

Any non-red bud spawn that forms at this time can be safely disposed of. Keep in mind that Reds do not always spawn, so exercise some patience at this point.

Plant Hybrid (Red) Together To Get Blue Roses

Planting numerous Red (Hybrid) Roses together will eventually result in Blue Roses. Never combine hybrid reds with other reds and remember to get rid of non-red spawns.

Can Blue Roses ACNH be bred with Blue Roses?

Hybrid Red Roses, which need specific White Roses to thrive correctly, are the only way to breed Blue Roses. These are distinct from both common hybrid Red Roses and the naturally occurring Red Roses in the game. While some breeding instructions simply advise producing hybrid Red Roses from Purple and Orange Roses, employing a more involved breeding method that incorporates the unique White Rose will boost the likelihood of producing Blue Roses.

What in Animal Crossing has the rarest rose?

The important breeding combinations for each species and color of flower in New Horizons are listed below (according to Paleh’s Advanced Flower Genetics Guide and our own testing). We’ve just included the best pairings for each hybrid hue because we’re assuming you’re starting with flowers from seeds when we compile this list. You might note that other combinations we haven’t specified could result in hybrids due to the way flower genes function; this usually happens when you have “hybrid” versions of the traditional colors, as the hybrid-red pansies in the example above.

The majority of the stated pairings merely have a possibility to generate the hybrid color; however, in more complex situations where chain breeding is an issue, we’ve specified the %. The likelihood of getting the desired color/gene combination when the flowers breed is represented by this percentage. We advise cloning a flower if you want more of a specific hue rather than trying to breed it with another bloom of the same color.

It should be noted that “seed” colors refer to the flowers you plant from seed bags you’ve bought from Nook’s Cranny or Leif; “island” colors relate to hybrids you could only receive from Mystery Tour islands; and “hybrid” or “special” colors refer to specific genetic combinations of flowers where mentioned. Every red, white, and yellow flower on this list is likely a seed flower unless otherwise stated (and that any simple hybrid colors listed came from those seed combinations). Starting with seed flowers is crucial when breeding for consistency.


Basic combinations:

  • Pink is created by combining red and white.
  • Orange is the result of mixing red and yellow.
  • Orange plus orange equals black (rare)

Black cosmos’ ideal combination:

Black is the result of adding island orange (around 19 percent )


Every hue of hyacinth can be obtained naturally, but purple is quite rare in this method. If you produce blues from oranges and then use those blues to breed, the likelihood of acquiring purple increases noticeably (to 25 percent); these blues are identical to those you can find on Mystery Tour islands, which also function.

  • White plus White = Blue
  • Orange plus orange results in purple.

The best techniques for purple hyacinths are:

  • Orange with orange equals a unique blue (12.5 percent )
  • Purple is created by adding unique blue.
  • Purple is created by adding island blue.
  • island orange plus island blue equals purple
  • Purple is produced by adding island orange.


The simplest flower to breed, lilies may be produced in all known colors without the use of chain breeding. No hue is very uncommon, either!

Red plus Red equals Pink or Black


There are a few ways to obtain green mums, which are a unique floral species. Make sure to only obtain hybrid yellows from seed red + seed yellow or by cloning a hybrid yellow because hybrid yellow + hybrid yellow can result in seed yellow.

  • Purple is created when white and white are combined.
  • Seed red plus Seed yellow results in Hybrid Yellow (100 percent )
  • Green is the result of adding hybrid yellow (rare)

Best practice for green mothers:

  • Special purple is created by adding hybrid yellow (25 percent )
  • Green is the result of adding unique purple (25 percent )

several combinations for green mums

  • Island pink plus island purple equals green (around 19 percent )
  • Green is the result of adding island purple (rare)


The chain is not particularly complicated, but the purple pansy, like hyacinths, is the most challenging. If you use hybrid pansies from a Mystery Tour island, your chances increase to 25%.

  • hybrid red: red plus blue (100 percent )
  • Purple is created by adding hybrid red (rare)

combination ideas for purple pansies:


The most intricate flower in New Horizons is the rose, and the rarest rose is the blue kind. Be patient; there are a few chain-breeding techniques that can be used to produce blue roses. Remember that, unless otherwise specified, you should always use the standard colors (either the seed colors or the hybrids you produce from those seed colors) to guarantee that the genes are accurate. Again, for the benefit of people who don’t want to deal with the scientific details, this information has been condensed from Paleh’s Advanced Flower Genetics Guide.

How much time does it take to obtain an ACNH blue rose?

For the purposes of these experiments, our team used time travel. However, we do not advocate the exploitation of this exploit.

Required Approx. 1.5 Months To Grow

It took us almost two weeks (in-game) to collect all of the hybrid Red Roses required for this procedure. After about a month of consistently watering them, we noticed the first Blue Rose bloom. We spent 6 weeks on this procedure, so if you want to follow our lead, be ready to work very hard.

The Exact Probability Is Unknown

The precise likelihood of Blue Roses spawning is currently unknown because there is no written indicator in-game. However, we may confidently predict that the Blue Rose has an even lower chance if we contrast this to the Golden Rose, which sees at least 1 spawn every 2-3 days().

Time and approach are based on our team’s gameplay experience, which may differ from yours.

How can blue roses be replicated in ACNH?

Cloning your existing Blue Roses is undoubtedly the simplest technique to acquire more of them. Plant a single rose somewhere where it won’t touch any other flowers if you want to clone them. They will eventually produce another Blue Rose if you give them water every day.

Why ACNH aren’t my black blooms turning gold?

Black roses are crossed to produce gold roses. For a chance to grow golden roses, you’ll need to crossbreed black roses and then water them using a gold watering can. In earlier games (like New Leaf), you had to use a gold watering can to revive wilted black roses. View Our Hybrid Flower Breeding Guide!

How come Lily of the Valley ACNH is not available to me?

If the star rating of your island drops below 3 stars, the lily of the valley blooms will stop flowering. Consult Isabelle at Resident Services if you find that the Lily of the Valley flowers aren’t blossoming any longer so she can check your star rating!

How are blue rose crowns made?

The Blue Rose Crown can be created, but it takes 6 Blue Roses to do it. Any villager can provide the recipe for this item. No villagers or establishment in Happy Home Paradise can unlock this item for creating and customizing a villager’s and the player’s outfit.