How To Preserve Cut Peonies

If you know when to cut them and how to store them, you may store peonies for several weeks or even months.

One of the most popular springtime flowers is the peony. They bloom in the Midwest from late May until mid-June. In her book, “The Flower Farmer, An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers,” Lynn Byczynski refers to peony as the “darlings of the spring flower world.”

I was recently discussing peonies with a friend when she said how her grandmother always had a fresh bouquet of peonies on her Thanksgiving table. Years had passed before our beloved South American spring flowers made their fall market debut. Flowers are now commonly seen “because to the fact that they are produced and transported daily throughout the world. Even now, the expense of peonies in November would be so prohibitive that the bouquet would be more expensive than the entire supper. For longer than the brief period they are in bloom during their season, many of us who adore peony yearn to use them as cut flowers. How could my friend’s granny celebrate Thanksgiving with a peony bouquet? How can the cut flower enthusiast help the peony season last longer?

happy news Peonies can be cut and stored for a few weeks or even months, depending on the kind. Knowing when to cut them from the plant and how to preserve them correctly are essential if you want your peonies to bloom much later after being kept in the refrigerator.

You must first understand when to cut the peonies. The timing must be exact. According to Wilma Jackson of the Sunny Dale Spring Peony Farm in Valley Center, Kansas, you should cut the blooms when the buds are showing some color and are soft like a marshmallow if you want to preserve a peony for proper bloom and attain a vase life of five to ten days. To ensure that you are cutting peonies at the right developmental stage, you must check them multiple times a day while they are in bloom.

The peony should be kept dry after being cut. To stop water loss, Michigan State University Extension advises removing the leaves off the stem. The next step is to completely wrap the peony in clear plastic wrap, from stem to bud, and secure both ends. The covering should be sealed to prevent moisture loss from the flowers. If you’re going to keep them in a frost-free refrigerator, a good tight seal is essential.

For up to three months, keep them horizontal. (Or, till Thanksgiving, as my friend claims. She put her grandmother’s in wet newspapers.) Cut the stem before placing them in tepid water in a cool room after removing them from their cold storage. The peony should bloom for about a week after being properly watered.

If you’re considering receiving a bouquet of peonies for Thanksgiving, read Byczynski’s book, “Numerous peony varieties are listed along with their vase life in The Flower Farmer, An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers. Try extending the amount of time you may enjoy fresh peonies, perhaps for months, even if you have no idea what kinds of peonies are flourishing in your garden.

How can cut peonies be preserved longer?

Like many other fresh flowers, peonies can survive longer if you store them in the refrigerator at night. But you may go one step farther with the tactic. When they are still tender, try clipping fresh peony buds, wrapping them in newspaper, and keeping them in the refrigerator until you need to utilize them. If you need to save them for a gathering or garden party, you can store them for an additional day or two even if they won’t open up in the refrigerator.

How long do cut peonies last?

Peonies. We are simply insatiable for them. They’re simultaneously dramatic and dreamy. You’ll need to know how to take care of yours to get the most out of them because these renowned stems only have a brief vase life—typically around 5 days. This practical handbook fills that need. Continue reading for advice from our talented florists on how to take care of peonies.

How are peony blooms preserved?

The simplest and least expensive way to preserve peony is air drying. Cut stems at least 6 inches long, removing the bottom leaves, and let them air dry. If you want to make a bouquet right away, arrange the flowers and trim the stems to your preferred length, but don’t gather more than three stems together at once to ensure that the flowers dry evenly.

How can cut peonies stay fresh in water?

It’s crucial to trim the stems of a peony at an angle before placing it in a vase. The lowest leaf should then be taken off and placed in a vase with warm water. Want to extend the life of your peony? You can fill your vase with a tablespoon of sugar, a dash of bleach, or sparkling water. That will keep the water fresh and prevent premature flower wilting.

How should a peony in a vase be cared for?

Wash your vase with dish soap and bleach to prepare it. Water should be roughly 1/3 full in the vase. Change the water every few days or add a packet of flower food. Remove any leaves that would be submerged in the vase since they would rot and shorten the flower’s life.

Can I make a bouquet out of my peonies?

Peonies are excellent cut flowers and are simple to keep in the refrigerator for later use if you have an embarrassing amount of money all at once, which is usual with peonies. The bulk of your flowers will be ready to cut and display right away thanks to their quick bloom time. Cut buds for flowers that you intend to cut and enjoy right away when they’re soft and still partly closed. They ought to have a marshmallow-like texture. Simply trim your remaining buds before they open, ideally when they are tight and still hard like marbles, to give them a little more life. Then, wrap them in newspaper, secure the edges with elastic bands, and put them in the refrigerator on their sides. As an alternative, you might keep them erect in flower sleeves with some water.

How long can you go without watering peonies?

For the tulip, iris, lily of the valley, daffodil, cornflower, and peony, it takes 35 days. For Roses, Delphinium, Anemone, Calla, Snapdragon, Freesia, Gerbera, and Zinnia, 5 to 7 days.

In a vase, will peony buds bloom?

To reenergize stored buds, they only need to be removed from the cold. Trim the stem ends to reveal a freshly cut surface after removing the newspaper wrapping from the plant. Place the peonies in a vase with cool water that is at least half the stem length deep. The buds’ petals start to unfold as they adjust to the increased ambient temperature. The buds should fully open in around 8 hours and have a vase life similar to freshly selected peonies.

What are some uses for peony petals?

Peonies that have been dried look lovely in floral arrangements and assist to maintain the beauty of these transient blooms. Dried peonies provide you the choice to enjoy them all year long because their flowers remain for a very long time on the plant and not nearly long enough in a vase in a season. Depending on the kind, dried peony can have a wide range of colors. Some people lose a lot of their pigment, while others keep it for a long time. The color will typically be a little bit more subdued and darker than the fresh cut flower. Pink flowers can turn a dusty rose, red flowers can turn a deep burgundy, and white flowers can turn yellow to beige.

When the bloom is fully opened but before it begins to droop or lose petals, dry peonies. Peonies can be hung individually or in bunches of up to three from a wire rack in a cool, dry location with consistent temperature. After drying, the stems may become brittle, but you can replace them if necessary using florist wire. Put dried peony in wreaths and dried arrangements.

Peonies’ fragrant petals can also be dried. You don’t need a lot to have enough for projects—just one or two bomb or double blossoms can fill up a mason jar with dried petals.

When should I cut vases of peonies?

The optimal time to cut peonies is just before they have fully opened up, despite the allure of enjoying them for a few days after they bloom in the garden before cutting and bringing them inside. The peonies’ color should be visible, but not fully blown out into a flower. If possible, cutting should always be done in the early morning. Your peonies will begin to open up and remain much longer in the vase once you get them indoors.