How To Get Blue Roses Acnl

How can I acquire Blue Roses quickly?

Cloning your existing Blue Roses is undoubtedly the simplest technique to acquire more of them. Plant a single rose somewhere where it won’t touch any other flowers if you want to clone them. They will eventually produce another Blue Rose if you give them water every day.

Can Blue Roses ACNH be bred with Blue Roses?

Hybrid Red Roses, which need specific White Roses to thrive correctly, are the only way to breed Blue Roses. These are distinct from both common hybrid Red Roses and the naturally occurring Red Roses in the game. While some breeding instructions simply advise producing hybrid Red Roses from Purple and Orange Roses, employing a more involved breeding method that incorporates the unique White Rose will boost the likelihood of producing Blue Roses.

What flower in the ACNH is the rarest?

The important breeding combinations for each species and color of flower in New Horizons are listed below (according to Paleh’s Advanced Flower Genetics Guide and our own testing). We’ve just included the best pairings for each hybrid hue because we’re assuming you’re starting with flowers from seeds when we compile this list. You might note that other combinations we haven’t specified could result in hybrids due to the way flower genes function; this usually happens when you have “hybrid” versions of the traditional colors, as the hybrid-red pansies in the example above.

The majority of the stated pairings merely have a possibility to generate the hybrid color; however, in more complex situations where chain breeding is an issue, we’ve specified the %. The likelihood of getting the desired color/gene combination when the flowers breed is represented by this percentage. We advise cloning a flower if you want more of a specific hue rather than trying to breed it with another bloom of the same color.

It should be noted that “seed” colors refer to the flowers you plant from seed bags you’ve bought from Nook’s Cranny or Leif; “island” colors relate to hybrids you could only receive from Mystery Tour islands; and “hybrid” or “special” colors refer to specific genetic combinations of flowers where mentioned. Every red, white, and yellow flower on this list is likely a seed flower unless otherwise stated (and that any simple hybrid colors listed came from those seed combinations). Starting with seed flowers is crucial when breeding for consistency.


Basic combinations:

  • Pink is created by combining red and white.
  • Orange is the result of mixing red and yellow.
  • Orange plus orange equals black (rare)

Black cosmos’ ideal combination:

Black is the result of adding island orange (around 19 percent )


Every hue of hyacinth can be obtained naturally, but purple is quite rare in this method. If you produce blues from oranges and then use those blues to breed, the likelihood of acquiring purple increases noticeably (to 25 percent); these blues are identical to those you can find on Mystery Tour islands, which also function.

  • White plus White = Blue
  • Orange plus orange results in purple.

The best techniques for purple hyacinths are:

  • Orange with orange equals a unique blue (12.5 percent )
  • Purple is created by adding unique blue.
  • Purple is created by adding island blue.
  • island orange plus island blue equals purple
  • Purple is produced by adding island orange.


The simplest flower to breed, lilies may be produced in all known colors without the use of chain breeding. No hue is very uncommon, either!

Red plus Red equals Pink or Black


There are a few ways to obtain green mums, which are a unique floral species. Make sure to only obtain hybrid yellows from seed red + seed yellow or by cloning a hybrid yellow because hybrid yellow + hybrid yellow can result in seed yellow.

  • Purple is created when white and white are combined.
  • Seed red plus Seed yellow results in Hybrid Yellow (100 percent )
  • Green is the result of adding hybrid yellow (rare)

Best practice for green mothers:

  • Special purple is created by adding hybrid yellow (25 percent )
  • Green is the result of adding unique purple (25 percent )

several combinations for green mums

  • Island pink plus island purple equals green (around 19 percent )
  • Green is the result of adding island purple (rare)


The chain is not particularly complicated, but the purple pansy, like hyacinths, is the most challenging. If you use hybrid pansies from a Mystery Tour island, your chances increase to 25%.

  • hybrid red: red plus blue (100 percent )
  • Purple is created by adding hybrid red (rare)

combination ideas for purple pansies:


The most intricate flower in New Horizons is the rose, and the rarest rose is the blue kind. Be patient; there are a few chain-breeding techniques that can be used to produce blue roses. Remember that, unless otherwise specified, you should always use the standard colors (either the seed colors or the hybrids you produce from those seed colors) to guarantee that the genes are accurate. Again, for the benefit of people who don’t want to deal with the scientific details, this information has been condensed from Paleh’s Advanced Flower Genetics Guide.

Having One Blue Rose Is Good Enough

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, flowers can grow on their own (self-replicate). This indicates that a single Blue Rose is sufficient. It will ultimately multiply if you let it by itself with no other flowers nearby!

Blue Roses Sell For 80 Bells

At Nook’s Cranny, Blue Roses can be purchased for 1,000 Bells. We do not advise selling this because it is quite rare and selling flowers is not a very effective way to earn Bells.

How are hybrid green mums created?

Two White Mums, please. Cross-pollinate two White moms to create Purple mums. Create Green Hybrid Mums by cross-pollinating two Purple Hybrid Mums.

How can blue hybrid flowers be created in ACNH?

On their cliffs, each player has a specific native species of flower. These will always be offered for sale in your store. There will be additional flower breeds available for purchase once you complete Nook’s Cranny. You might need to visit some friends’ islands or get lucky at a Nook Miles island in order to fast get a variety of things.

Similar to earlier Animal Crossing games, you can interbreed to get unusual hybrid hues. The easiest approach to achieve this is to plant your flowers in a checkerboard pattern, leaving every other area unplanted to allow for cross-pollination between various plants and the development of hybrid flowers.

Flowers require water to grow and produce hybrids, whether from the rain or from you and your watering can. Flourished blossoms gleam.

According to data mining from flower researcher Aeter, watering your flowers with friends from other islands increases the likelihood that the flowers will generate progeny. While our approach has been simplified for novices, Aeter also provides a spreadsheet that lists some of the most effective techniques for growing hybrid flowers.

It’s possible to collect flowers without totally uprooting the plant. When standing on a flower, press Y to remove the flower while allowing the stalks to regrow. These flowers can be used in many do-it-yourself recipes.

Keep in mind that some plants that are grown close to one another will still produce new flowers, even if they don’t have a hybrid hue. These hybrid hues must be produced by crossbreeding; they are not for sale. Some people may be successful in locating particular uncommon flowers through Mystery Island Tours, but we’ve given the simpler method for creating the blooms from scratch below.

There are other ways to obtain specific colors, but we’ve included the combinations that have the best chances of producing uncommon hues without utilizing any Mystery Island Tours flora.

All of the below combos begin with seeds, which you can purchase at Nook’s Cranny or at Leif’s concession stand. Utilizing more flowers from various sources could bias your results.

Why doesn’t Jack visit my island?

Why Isn’t Jack Showing Up? (Troubleshooting) Jack is a unique character who only makes an appearance on your island on Halloween. Ensure that the time and date settings on your Nintendo Switch are correct.

What is causing my red roses to turn purple?

Many roses’ new foliage emerges as a very deep red to almost purple hue. Future gorgeous blooms and buds are formed from this fresh growth. Every time we deadhead (remove the old blossoms) our roses, we can see this fresh greenery emerging. When we notice the bush’s vibrant and robust coloring, we may be sure that blooms will soon follow and that the bush is content and healthy.

As the young leaf ages, the deep red leaves will often turn either a deep or light green tint. On some roses, the intense red color of the leaves tends to migrate to the leaf’s margins and remain there. The edges of the leaves can look to have been scorched in some way.

When we look closely, we can notice that the outside edges of the leaves have a pleasant sheen that complements the color of the leaf or leaves’ green section. The two sections’ textures and that tiny sparkle reassure us that everything is fine. But heat stress burn or chemical burning may be the cause if the darker leaf edges look to be dry or damaged.