Why Are Fiddle Leaf Figs So Popular

That, however, does not explain why these plants are so well-liked. According to a New York Times article by Steven Kurutz, the rise of social media (which is crucial for interior designers; psst, follow us on Instagram) has simply increased the public’s awareness of these plants because they are now featured in virtually every major design blog and Instagram account.

Simply simple, they make good photos. And if you stop to think about it, you’ve probably seen fiddle-leaf figs much more frequently online or in magazine spreads than you have in actual residences. This is due to the fiddle-leaf figs’ particular attractiveness as well as the fact that they require a lot of maintenance.

Fiddle leaf figs first gained popularity when?

Fiddle leaf figs are a common sight in movies and on television today. They weren’t widely used as interior design plants until at least 2005, as plant purists would point out. When you see a fiddle leaf fig in a movie that is meant to take place before the year 2000, you can almost surely tell that the set design is off.

In actuality, the Mad Men set designers were mercilessly precise in their plant selection. The common houseplants from the 1960s, such as parlor palms, pothos, and big monsteras, are still around today. However, the entire series, which accurately depicts the history of house plants, does not contain a single fiddle leaf fig.

Fiddle leaf figs were dubbed “The ‘It’ Plant of the Design World” by the New York Times in 2016. Last year, fiddle leaf fig specimens even appeared in a dozen Super Bowl commercials. Today, fiddle leaf figs can be seen on TV and in movies all the time.

Do fiddle leaf figs have good luck?

Sharing space with a fiddle-leaf fig, a symbol of plenty, fertility, and good fortune, can help clear your environment of bad energy and improve your mood. Calathea: Calathea, also referred to as a “Prayer Plant” or “Living Plant,” brings harmony and clarity into any setting.

Are fiddle leaf fig trees costly to grow?

A fully mature fiddle leaf fig plant may cost around $200. However, you may obtain one for about $20 if you purchase a young plant.

Generally, the best approach to ensure that you are obtaining a healthy plant is to buy locally and in person. Fiddle leaf figs, once they reach maturity, can survive for up to 50 years. Therefore, if you can afford it, it is advisable to choose a healthy plant or a plant with a warranty.

Given the wide variations, cost should be taken into account when purchasing a fiddle leaf fig tree.

How To Get A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree On A Budget

You can purchase a young plant if you wish to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. A young plant can be purchased for significantly less money even though it will take longer to reach maturity. Young plants will need a little more time and care, but you will be able to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

You might also ask a friend who has a fiddle leaf fig tree to start some seeds for you. Even though fiddle leaf figs are famously difficult to grow, it is the most affordable approach to produce a strong plant.

Check out Facebook or regional plant groups as well. Even if no one gives a free fiddle leaf fig tree, the plants given are typically more affordable and suited to your location.

Additionally, fiddle leaf fig trees do not require fertilization to survive, so you do not need to be concerned if your budget is limited. And although while they appreciate being slightly rootbound, if you are not fertilizing, you might want to think about aerating your plant once or twice a year.

Can I use fiddle-leaf figs in my bedroom?

Given how frequently it appears in home publications, television shows, and blogs, the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is one of the most popular houseplants right now. The appropriate lighting is crucial to keeping your plant healthy in a bedroom environment because its huge leaves are its focus point.

The gloomy understory of the jungle is ideal for fiddle leaf figs, but indirect light from an east-facing window also promotes their growth. To improve the humidity around the plant, place your fiddle leaf fig on a plate of stones with water in it. In conclusion, the fiddle leaf fig prefers everything in moderation, including temperature, water, and light. Your plant will suffer if there is an imbalance between these components.

How old are fiddle figs?

A tropical tree with fiddle-shaped leaves, the ficus lyrata is a native of the lowland rainforests of West Africa. It has a lifespan of 25 to 50 years (if cared for properly in non-tropical conditions).

What makes it so well-liked in the design community? Most people give the tree’s large, floppy spherical leaves, which resemble violins, credit. People anthropomorphize the plant by comparing these to babies’ huge eyes in an effort to make them desire to care for it.

Of course, the majority of designers would also mention how photogenic the plant is, which undoubtedly helps.

What tree or plant has supplanted the fiddle-leaf fig?

Fiddle leaf fig lovers Try a Ficus benghalensis, often known as a Ficus “Audrey,” instead. The plant is related to Ficus lyrata closely. It also has stunning leaves that are little smaller, rounder, and more graceful than those of the fiddle leaf fig.

What plant is the newest craze?

Due to their fascinating foliage colors, shapes, and ease of maintenance, aglaonemas, monsteras, philodendrons, pothos, ZZ plants, and other aroids led the popularity charts for houseplants in 2020.

What kinds of plants should you include in your house garden? Big leafy plants like Philodendrons and Alocasias will be among the popular plant choices for 2021, according to Sean Dollinger, founder of PlantX. Additionally, we anticipate a revival for hanging plants like Linear Hoya and Hanging Hearts.

What complements a fiddle-leaf fig well?

There are many other lovely plants in the ficus family, which includes the fiddle leaf, including this one, commonly known as a rubber plant. These have the potential to develop into fiddle leaf fig-like trees, although Sebold notes that they are slightly more resilient to stress than their cousin. Ficus Audreys are waxy, round, dark-green trees with a white trunk that occur in various variegations. They thrive best next to windows that receive indirect light.

Does the fiddle leaf fig clean the air?

Ficus lyrata, sometimes known as fiddle leaf or simply “Fiddleleaf” figs, have been experiencing a surge in popularity that shows no signs of abating. Why? They feature enormous, showy leaves that are fashioned like a violin, are relatively minimal maintenance (see our specific advice below), and have an assertive, architectural growth habit. What’s best? They rank among the greatest indoor plants for air purification, and the bigger they get, the better they do it.

What stands for the fig tree?

Israel could be represented by the fig tree. Joel 2:2125. Jesus told the story of the barren fig tree in the gospel according to Luke 13:69. A vinekeeper hopes that a barren fig tree will produce fruit the next year.

Is air purified by fig trees?

Oxygen is produced by plants after they absorb chemicals and carbon dioxide. The fiddle leaf fig might be the best air purifying plant out of all the available houseplants.