Where Can I Buy A Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior Cast Iron Plant. $29.95.

Will the cast iron industry resurface?

When is the ideal moment to reduce the number of cast iron plants? Mine appear to be a little faded and brownish-yellow. I reasoned that if I cut it down to the ground, they would revive. Despite being in the ground for a number of years, this planting has never been trimmed out. Randall Eustis

In late February or early March, you can prune back cast iron plants (Aspidistra elatior) before fertilizing them. The planting will be revived if you cut everything down to a few inches above the ground. It will, however, take a year or two for it to regain its previous thickness and height. The plants will recover more quickly if you can simply remove the undesirable leaves while leaving the lovely, healthy green leaves alone, but this is more work. If a plant appears brownish-yellow throughout, it can be receiving too much light. Cast iron plants like complete or significant shade because they do not like any direct sunlight.

Is casting iron simple to do?

Cast iron is incredibly simple and satisfying to grow indoors. This native of China belongs to the lily family. The plant bears tiny purple blooms that are concealed in its foliage and only show up close to the soil’s surface. This plant may not have much sparkle, but it makes up for it with strong, hearty, dark green leaves.

The cast iron plant tolerates frequent watering and thrives well inside in dim light. This dependable performer will live for many years, maturing to a height of about 2 feet despite its modest growth (61 cm.).

How quickly does a cast-iron plant develop?

The growth rate of the Cast Iron Plant is quite modest, and it is influenced by the amount of light it receives. In low light conditions, Cast Iron Plants’ development rate will be slowed and they will typically reach heights of up to two feet and widths of two to three feet. In the spring and summer, fertilize your plant once to twice per month. You might even think about year-round foliar feeding.