How To Water An African Violet Plant

Watering: Allow the soil surrounding the roots to dry out after keeping it moist.

prior to it getting to the softening unit. If not, you will need to look for an other option.

Leaf burn and reduced flowering are among its features. Having severely chlorinated water

recommended self-watering tool, such as the Optimara MaxiWell (for 4-inch

regular Violets), MiniWell (for 1-inch super miniatures), or the spill-proof, self-watering Optimara WaterShip container

This kind of self-watering tool, like the Watermaid (for pot sizes up to 5-1/2 inches), stores water in an open saucer and pulls water from a reservoir.

its overall functioning and general wellness. They do best in indirect, moderate to bright indoor light.

900–1100 foot candles are needed. Instead, you can obtain a respectable approximation.

Your African Violets will require a variety of extra measures because of the lights. First, it’s critical to ensure the grow light you choose emits

For violets to blossom, there must be at least eight hours of darkness every day. While African Violets require enough light time to create florigen (flowering hormone), florigen does not require light.

the temperature at night. In fact, several hybrids of African violets demand changes.

which has turned murky and soft. This will stop the rot from spreading. Discontinue